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NaNo Update

I think I was a teeny weeny bit bonkers when I signed up to do NaNo this year. Having never done it before I didn’t quite know what it was all about really. Oh, I knew I had to try for 50.000 words by the end of the month; but forgot to factor in other things like….looking after my nieces ten month old daughter, one humungous Slobrador and three demanding cats. Now, that’s difficult at the best of times, but trying to bury yourself in 16th century Essex with two lovelorn fellas as well……I’ll leave it to you to imagine how brain-meltingly difficult it really is. ๐Ÿ˜–

So, at the rate I’m going I’ll probably be finished by Christmas Eve at the earliest. However, I am enjoying the challenge and it is testing my self discipline (which is normally non exist ant) and if I can do this I reckon I can do anything. Kids, dogs and cats permitting ๐Ÿ˜•

My word count (see word count meter on right) is abysmally low and I really should have done more by now; but I do have the rough outline of the story which I wrote last year so that helps enormously; plusI have my trusty research notes and stacks of books covering everything from Homosexuality in Renaissance England, Tudor servants and 16th century life in general and everything in between. So I’m well set up there then.

Now I must away to my freezing cold garret and hope I don’t fall face down onto the key board from utter exhaustion.

Watch this space.


UK Meet

20120921-121957.jpg Not the best photo in the world-but you can just see the sea above the cars. This was outside the Mecure Hotel.

Last weekend saw the third annual meeting of the GLBTQ writers/readers/publishers UK meet in Brighton. It was my first experience of being amongst a large group of people who wrote GLBTQ fiction and who were as passionate as me about the genre. And it was liberating to be in the company of people who understood why we write what we do; and why we are so passionate about the genre. And make no mistake, it isa passion-and one shared by everyone who was at the meet.

It was a fabulous day albeit a little nerve-wracking at first because I was about to meet other authors who I’d only corresponded with on Live Journal or WordPress or by email. What does one say to people who had had books published and had been writing for years? Bloody good books as well; books which, in my opinion deserve their place on the shelves of Waterstones or W.H Smiths et al along with mainstream books.

But, to get back to Brighton. I needn’t have worried about meeting the others. Everyone was so jolly, welcoming and friendly and there was a great sense of camaraderie throughout.

20120922-205456.jpg I arrived at the hotel quite early on Saturday morning after a fairly decent journey from Ipswich via one car,three trains, one bus and a tube train. There, I was greeted by my mate, author Elin Gregory and Jordan Castillo Price-another well established author who also made the keynote speech of the meet; and very interesting it was as well.

We were all soon into the swing of things and the programme opened with a talk on ‘Opening Paragraphs’ and how it can either draw your reader in-or send him off to sleep. Believe me, I really wanted more from these openings especially Alex Beecroft’s opening from ‘Under the Hill-Bombers Moon. That is on my ‘To Read’ list.

All the talks were interesting but being a tad overwhelmed I didn’t take any notes (note to self-take notes next year) ๐Ÿ˜ I especially enjoyed the Buffet of Banter where each table was given a subject to talk about. We (our table) were given ‘Who’s Leg is it Anyway’ (I think that was the title.) but obviously we didn’t stay on topic for long. But it was good to hear others thoughts and opinions on the perils of penning erotic scenes. They’re certainly not easy to write in my opinion; and as it turned out- I wasn’t the only one to think so.

My day ended with a lovely evening stroll along the sea front with Elin Gregory. It was such a beautiful evening that I could have walked for miles. But….after two thumping big glasses of a rather nice white wine in Olรจ Olรจ , the Tapas restaurant up the road, I was reeling and I think, slurring a bit. So we went back to the hotel for a much needed coffee and a writerly chat. Lovely end to the day.

It was a really good day all told, and a wonderful experience for an amateur writer like myself. I enjoyed every minute of it; and being in the company of so many like- minded folk was a joy which I am looking forward to repeating next year in Manchester. Roll on I say. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

My thanks to everyone who made it all possible. You’re all brilliant!

Ooh, before I sign off, I must mention- there was a raffle; the proceeds from which will be donated to The Albert Kennedy Trust. A wonderful organisation which helps GLBTQ teens and young people who may find themselves on the streets and homeless because their families disapprove of their sexual orientation.

And the sun sets on a perfect day in Brighton

Thank you. See you all in Manchester.

Writers Block, Self Doubt & The Hydra.

Last night, I suffered, oh how I suffered. My writing was banal, trite cods wallop. Who the hell was I kidding, why was I deluding myself that I could write? Last night I would have found it hard to compile a shopping list let alone a short story. As for a full length book….HA! Forget it.
With my confidence at carpet level and self doubt swinging from the lamp shade, I searched the Internet for anything I could find which would help ease this wretched feeling.
And there I learned about THS…….

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Hold these dates!

September 14th – 16th 2012

will see the third annual UK Meet for readers/writers/reviewers/fans of GLBTQ fiction.

There will be a full day of programmed events on Saturday 15th, plus social events on Friday evening and Sunday morning.

Full press release, with details of where, what and how to book, goes live Friday 24th Feb.

Call for submissions for linked anthology “Lashings of Sauce” goes live Friday 2nd March.

UK Meet team (Jo, Jamie, Clare, Alex and Charlie)

New Writer, New Blog.

Hi everyone and welcome to Defying Leviticus. This is my first ever attempt at blogging so please bear with me.
I am a writer, and even though I am as yet unpublished,I love to write and I have been penning short stories, poems and all sorts of bits and pieces for family and friends for many years so I think that I can reasonably call myself a writer.
At the moment I am working on the first draft of a novel, set in 16th century Essex it is a love story with a difference as my genre of choice is Gay historical romance. Not a widely known genre I know but it is becoming more popular and rightly so as there is much to be said for two men falling in love when the cards are so stacked against them, and society was so much more intolerant than we are today. Indeed it could mean loss of life to many same sex lovers, especially men.
However, I am about half way through my book and I have reached that stage which many authors new and experienced get to, running out of steam. At the start of my book ideas were coming thick and fast and the characters were taking on a life of their own. Indeed, many characters were popping up which I had not planned for. But how interesting it was to see how they developed. But…into chapter ten and my ‘boys’ are facing a terrible dilemma. Someone knows their secret but I am stuck on taking the story forward from here.
Is this a major case of writers block or should I review some of the plot line?
Any comments would be welcome from any new writers in a similar situation.
Meanwhile, back to the lap top, copious amounts of coffee and roll ups….
Till next time. G.


Joe Van Moyland & Kris Holden Reid in a scene from The Tudors TV Series.