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Six Sentence Sunday

It’s an extremely rushed SSS this week as I’ve had a very busy week-end helping to arrange a surprise birthday party, and being very sneaky with others who where in on the secret. It was a huge success I’m happy to say.

So, here is a snippet from earlier in Defying Leviticus when, after Will has been on a visit home, Edward is eagerly awaiting his lovers return.

Edward, still hovering on the borders between sleep and full wakefulness, slowly opened his eyes and hurriedly closed them again as the bed curtains of rippling translucent silk were pierced by a shaft of sunlight, making them glimmer blindingly, and unwilling to relinquish the last vestiges of sleep he turned over and prepared to nap for a while longer. As he hunched himself further into the heap of feather pillows, he felt unaccountably happy and contented for reasons his sleep clouded mind had yet to fully grasp. Then smiling to himself he remembered, today was Saturday and Will was coming home.
A soft tapping on the door some half an hour later brought him fully awake and, turning onto his back, he called for them to enter. Stretching and smothering a yawn he sat up as George Illingworth came into the chamber, carrying a jug of hot water and towels.
‘Good morning George’, he smiled sleepily at the steward, who Edward noticed appeared somewhat ragged this morning.

For more Sixes from other authors, visit the Six Sentence Sunday Site and enjoy. 😊


Six Sentence Sunday

Once again, it’s Six Sentence Sunday and time to put your feet up and enjoy snippets of writing with something for everyone. So, go to Six Sentence Sunday site and enjoy.

This week, we’ve gone back a little in my story and this piece is the moment just before Ned and Will share their first kiss. I hope you like it.

The simple wooden seat was well hidden, set back as it was in a hedge of clipped yew, the dark green of the leaves giving an allusion of coolness to the arbour.
In the distance, black bellied clouds were gathering and thunder growled as fat raindrops pitted the surface of the lake.
Edward leaned back stretching his long legs out before him, and sighed, ‘Oh God, that’s better. My feet ache in these damn boots’.
He turned to Will who, sitting forward, legs apart, and forearms resting on his knees, had become very quiet all of a sudden, ‘What’s amiss Will? You seem very thoughtful’.
‘I was just thinking how beautiful it is here’, Will said, ‘It’s so peaceful and private; I wonder you don’t come here more often instead of the river’.
Edward stared thoughtfully up at the sky before answering, ‘I am too close to home here, Will, and sometimes I need to be alone with my thoughts’.


Six Sentence Sunday.

It’s Sunday again and that means lots of sixes over on this site with something for everyone. So settle down and indulge in some cracking mini excerpts from some wonderful authors.

So, last week, we left Ned and Will in a loving embrace down by the river unaware they were being watched.
Here is a description of the watcher….the nasty Ambrose Kytson………

Ambrose Kytson was something of an enigma in the Wharton household.
Deeply unpopular with the other servants and uncaring of the fact, he had built an impenetrable wall around himself that no one had ever been able to breech. But as he did not invite nor encourage friendships or intimacy, remaining aloof from his fellows, no one had ever had the inclination to try.
A covert bully, he would, over a period of time ferret out weaknesses in others and make their lives almost intolerable.
He was viewed with varying degrees of suspicion, dislike and with many there had been outright fear. Much he had cared, as he knew that he was good at his job and performed his duties diligently and well and as long as his employer was satisfied then that was well and good.


Six Sentence Sunday.

Here we are then safely on the other side of Christmas. And it’s that time of the week again. For more Six Sentences go to this site to read lots of Sixes with a little something for everyone.

Last week, Ned and Will were down by the river feeling hot in more ways than one. They’ve now thrown caution to the wind and they kiss out in the open.
But……someone is watching……..

Will gave himself over completely to the embrace and to Edward’s mouth moving so beautifully against his. The gentle darting of his lovers tongue between his parted lips and Ned’s sensitive fingers tenderly tracing the contours of his face made everything else fade into insignificance; and Will was oblivious to everything but the exquisite sensations coursing through his body. He spoke only once, groaning Edward’s name, slurring it beyond recognition as he pulled his lover closer.

They were so lost in each other that they did not notice the lone rider on the far bank. Nor how he stood watching them, a knowing smirk on his face. Then, having seen enough, he turned his horse about, disappearing quietly back into the trees leaving no trace of his passing.


Six Sentence Sunday

Well, here we are; the last SSS before Christmas. It’s been a long and busy week for most of us so, sit down, kick back and enjoy all the other six sentences by going to This Site and reading some smashing mini excerpts from lots of other authors with something for everyone.

Tea, coffee or mulled wine even, at the ready? Off we go then.

Last week, we left our heroes Ned and Will down by the river after a long, hard gallop across the Essex country side. Edward hinted at some er..rough stuff…….

‘I don’t think that is in your nature, Ned, if I may say so’.
Will squirmed around in an effort to make himself comfortable against the tree, before giving up and instead stretched on his side on the grass, propping himself up on his elbow he smiled at Edward, ‘Unless you want to prove me wrong sometime’, he said, ‘and I have absolutely no objections if you feel inclined to do so’.
Chewing on a blade of grass, Edward pretended to consider, ‘Hmm, what shall I do with you William? Perhaps I could strip you naked and tie you to the tree, but there, I forgot to bring the bindings, so we cannot I’m afraid play that game’.
‘Mmm, it may be interesting to play the game in the bedchamber later though’, Will’s eyes sparkled and his face split into a wide grin as he waited for Edward’s reaction to his suggestion.
‘Wanton!’, heaving himself away from the trunk, Edward lay down on the grass mirroring his lovers position there, and smiling he stretched out his hand running his fingertips across Will’s cheek, ‘but it’s an intriguing idea and one we should certainly explore ere long’.
Will moved closer, his own hand imprisoning Edward’s where it still lay against his face, ‘Then, Ned, a kiss for now, and then..later perhaps…….’

Happy Christmas Everyone