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Hop Against Homophobia & Transphobia.

In 77 countries it’s a crime to be gay. You can be thrown in jail or even killed for who you love and who you are by an accident of where you were born. Across the world, there are millions of reasonable, fair-minded people who don’t think that’s okay – but many fewer know that this is the reality for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in so many places,
From Andre and Jeremy at All Out.


As today is the start of the Hop Against Homophobia, I thought it would be a good time to bring this appalling fact to people’s attention.

Imagine, because of who you love, you can be thrown into prison, beaten, flogged, stoned and even put to death. And this, in the 21st century! It is like being punished for having blonde hair, green eyes, freckles or because you are tall or short. It is something you cannot help, you were born that way. It’s natural, and, if you will, God given.

Here are some horrifying facts;

4,000 lesbians and gays have been executed since the 1979 Islamic revolution. Methods of execution include; beheading, chopped in two, stoning to death, burning alive, and being thrown alive from a high building
Name, age and method of execution records for 152 individuals charged with homosexuality related offences between 1979 – 2007
Gay Iranian who had been persecuted because of his sexuality and had been thrown in jail, shoots and kills himself after his UK asylum appeal is denied
Iranian President in a speech at a top US university: “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country”
Two teens held in prison for 14 months and severely beaten, are publicly executed in Edalat (Justice) Square for the crime of homosexuality
Two men are publicly executed in Shahid Bahonar Square for the crime of homosexuality
A man is executed for acts he (allegedly) committed at the age of 13, even though the alleged victims withdrew their accusations and reportedly stated that they had either lied previously or had been forced to “confess”
Gay men are being persecuted, tortured and coerced into undergoing sex reassignment procedures. Transsexuals are being coerced into sex/raped by their surgeons
18-year-old man is sentenced to death by hanging for ‘sexual assault’, despite his accuser admitting that he lied, and withdrawing his accusation of sexual assault
Transexual is robbed and strangled to death by her brothers in her apartment because they “opposed her immorality”
2 heterosexual footballers suspended and fined £25,000 each for the “shameless” and “ugly” act of buttock squeezing during a goal celebration. They now face a possible two months in prison and 74 lashes
Influential cleric entitled to issue juristic rulings says homosexuals are inferior to dogs and pigs, blames them for the spread of Aids and says pro-gay western lawmakers are lower than animals
Iranian legal code does not “differentiate between rape and homosexual acts”, another four men sentenced to death by hanging for sodomy in accordance to Shari’ah law.

And this is just in Iran. There are many more countries which persecute and punish GLBTQ people, and in the most vile ways.

These facts fill me with anger and sadness. I used to say it was an ‘impotent’ anger. But impotent means ‘unable to take effective action; helpless or powerless. But we AREN’T helpless. We are NOT powerless and we CAN take effective action.

If enough of us raised our voices, took to the streets, signed petitions, and helped to raise awareness everywhere we can of these dreadful crimes against GLBTQ people, something can be done.

These people need our help, and they need it NOW. They should NOT be punished for loving who they do. How dreadful it must be to feel you have to live a lie, to live in fear and terror that tomorrow, there may be that knock on your door….and you will be hauled off to prison for being WHO you are and loving who you do.

If you want to help, please visit AllOut
AllOut is an organisation which raises awareness of the plight of GLBTQ people around the world. Their mission is simple……
‘…to build a world where no person will have to sacrifice family or freedom, safety or dignity, because of who they are or whom they love’

Thank you for reading…and, to visit other sites who are participating in this splendid Hop….please visit THIS PAGE and enjoy.