New M/M Book Releases.


Alike as Two Bees by Elin Gregory available now at Amazon
Horses, love, and the tang of thyme and honey…

In Classical Greece, apprentice sculptor Philon has chosen the ideal horse to model for his masterpiece. Sadly, the rider falls well short of the ideal of beauty, but scarred and tattered Hilarion, with his brilliant, imperfect smile, draws Philon in a way that mere perfection cannot.

After years of living among the free and easy tribes of the north, Hillarion has no patience with Athenian formality. He knows what he wants—and what he wants is Philon. Society, friends and family threaten their growing relationship, but perhaps a scarred soldier and a lover of beauty are more alike than they appear.

20120303-010001.jpg A Brush With Darkness by Erastes will be released on March 19th.
Michel has been asked to paint the portait of the most beautiful man he’s ever seen–but at what price

20120316-150033.jpg Sail Away by Lee Rowan. <;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;strong will be released on April 15th

Available for pre order here

20120330-214725.jpg. Coming soon-Tumble Turn by Charlie Cochrane.



Barnes and Noble.

by Lillian Turnerbr />;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Young Adult LGBT Romance/Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-937976-25-5
Editor: Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Cover: Annie Melton
Words: 60,383

To love is to heal…

The Cursed Ones. As the sheltered youngest son of a healer, Eiland of Summerton has heard of them all his life, the miserable creatures who share the great sickness brought down by the wrath of the gods. Yet unlike any of the illnesses Eiland’s father treats in the village, this one is not passed by touch or cough or poison. It’s given by the Cursed Ones. All it takes is three small words: I curse you.

It never occurred to Eiland that a Cursed One could be young. Or handsome. Until he meets Charon, a wandering outcast who bears the Curse. One stolen kiss changes everything for Eiland and sends the two young men on a dangerous journey that neither can hope to survive–unless they set aside their differences and give in to forbidden love…


Available Here
Available Here


20120625-153445.jpg It Takes Two

Review Here

Etopia Pressare releasing some erotic short stories for Halloween. See here for more details.

Authors website

20121005-143627.jpg Visit Dreamspinner Press for details.


For a review of Skybound see here

Short story anthology for Halloween

see here for details

coming soon from Carina Press
Cover Art Copyright Carina Press

20121201-151256.jpg see details here

20130225-114907.jpg Details Here

20130301-175155.jpg The everyday lives of Dutch gay couple, Bart & Mark in comic book form. Details Here

Details Here

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