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Week-End Writing Warriors

Hope you’re all having a good week-end. It’s time again to kick back and settle down to read some great excerpts from lots of wonderful authors here

Following on from last weeks snippet…Will is about to set out on a journey with Edward…..on horseback. Will has misgivings as he cannot ride half as well as Edward.

When Will arrived at the stables early next morning he was surprised to see Edward was there before him, and was now chatting amiably to Gilbert as the lad led two horses, ready harnessed and saddled, into the yard.

Will though, was more interested in Edward and, still hidden from sight he stood for a moment to watch his master and thought how splendid he looked dressed for riding in black Worsted doublet and sleeveless jerkin, a cloak slung casually over his shoulders, and holding a feathered cap in his hand.
And, God above,he was worth watching, this young man who filled his eyes and his heart. It was, he knew all he desired in life…to be near Edward, to love him from afar and in secret.

Sighing inwardly and having looked his fill, Will walked into view and was greeted by a sombre good morning from Gil both in deference to his late masters death and his new master’s presence. Edward smiled and after a cordial greeting, he sprang lightly and easily into the saddle.
‘Gil, perhaps you could lead Will’s horse to the mounting block’, he suggested, ‘he’ll find it easier to mount that way’. Then looking at Will, he winked and said, ‘You won’t be so shamed in front of Gil then either lad’.


Weekend Writing Warriors.

It’s the week end again, and thankfully I’m better prepared with my snippet. Last week I’m afraid I missed the boat as I was cavorting around Stony Stratford.
But, here is the follow up to last weeks piece from my WIP Defying Leviticus and Will & Ned have had a long discourse on many things much to the smitten Will’s delight. Now…it’s time for bed. Erm……not that….yet. 😉

To read other excerpts by a host of wonderful authors, visit this site and settle back and enjoy.

Now, before I forget, I have need to go to Colchester tomorrow and I would have you accompany me. You can ride?’
William’s heart plummeted, for he knew, thanks largely to Gilbert, that Edward was a very good, fearless and even reckless, rider. Never could he match that, as he now told Edward, ‘Well, I can stay in the saddle and cling on in a fashion, but I would be hard put to keep up with you, Edward, may even slow you down’.
‘Don’t look so downcast, Will’, he said with a smile, ‘You’ll do clinging on for now, but we will have to see to that in due course, as I like to ride as often as possible and you will need to be with me just as often.
‘Now’, Edward rose to his feet and stretched again, ‘you must go to your bed, and I will see you out at the stables directly after breakfast’.
Will stood and made to leave, but was stalled by Edward’s hand gripping his shoulder, ‘Till morning then, William Audley’, he said with a smile, ‘I bid you good night’.
‘You also Edward’ Will answered ‘And thank you’. And he almost floated from the chamber like a man in a dream.


Weekend Writing Warriors.

It’s WWW time again, and I must apologise for the late posting. I have been staying for the week end in Stony Stratford, a lovely little town in Milton Keynes and where Richard 111 took charge of the young king, Edward V who was one of The Princes in The Tower.

Anyway, last week, we left Will and Edward drinking wine in Edwards study much to Will’s confusion. After a slightly awkward beginning, the two young men have settled in for a nice long chat.

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They talked long into the evening about many things, and William had been greatly impressed with Edward’s ability to talk knowledgably and at length on any number of subjects; books, music, art, and much to Will’s delight, farming, a subject which was close to his heart.
They had touched on all these things and the hourglass had turned three times before Edward, emptying the last of the wine into their cups, had kicked at a wayward log with his booted toe, and yawned and stretched like a lazy languid cat.
‘It grows late, Will,’ he said draining his cup, ‘No doubt you’re tired after the day we have all endured. I am glad we have had this talk though, and I hope we will have many more such talks before too long’.
‘So do I, Will answered, himself smothering a yawn with his fist, ‘I must tell you, when I first came in to this chamber, I did think I was about to be sent back to Suffolk’, he frowned, chewing his lip and looked contrite, ‘I am sorry for that’.
‘Ah Will, why would I do that when my father himself thought so highly of you. He told me you were trustworthy and honest and above all, loyal. I have no reason to doubt him and hope I never shall have. These are valuable traits lad, and cannot be so easily earned. I think, in the days and months to come, I will have need of all of them’.
William almost glowed with pride and happiness at that, and could not stop the wide grin which spread across his face.

Week-End Writing Warriors


Well, here we are again and I hope you’re all having a pleasant week-end. Here is another snippet from my WIP Defying Leviticus. Last week we left Will in Edward’s study having been summoned there by Edward. Will is understandably nervous, and when Edward offers him a glass of wine, Will is struck dumb by this strange turn of events.

Edward sat back in his chair and stretched his legs towards the fire, looking quizzically at William, ‘You do talk, Will? he asked, one eyebrow raised, ‘for not one word have you spoken since you entered this chamber. Do I make you nervous, or is it respect for my grief which makes you mute?’ and he smiled as he spoke and William’s heart lifted, and in spite of himself, he smiled back.

‘No, sir, I am not afraid of you at all, and I do and will accord you every respect for your loss for I feel it too, as I loved your father almost as my own. But, it has been a day of many emotions and this has been a surprise to me, for I had not expected to be drinking wine with you tonight of all nights. And that, I think is what robs me of speech’.

And where, he thought, did all that come from? No stammering or stuttering, even his face had not coloured, except for the side nearest the fire. Had he gone too far?

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Hump Day Hook

Oh, dear! I forgot to sign up for today’s HDH. But never mind, here is a short excerpt from my WIP Defying Leviticus

Last week, George had found Will in the solar. After their heart o heart chat…George tells Will that Edward wishes to see him after super. William is horrified and desperately hopes he is not about to be dismissed. Nor does he want to disgrace himself by letting his feelings for Edward show.

Here is Will on his way to Edwards study.

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It was while he was making his way to Edwards’s workroom, that another thought assailed him. What he supposed, if he was about to be dismissed and sent back home? But this was his home now, and he badly wanted to stay and he would do whatever it would take to remain here. Oh God, he prayed please do not let him send me away.As he sent up his request to the Lord, he found himself outside Edward’s door. He now sent up another prayer to swiftly follow the last, please Lord let me not disgrace myself now and do not let him guess what I feel.
As his prayers were hopefully winging their way to Heaven, William took several deep, fortifying breaths before knocking for admittance on the oak panelled door. Heart pounding and hands shaking, he swallowed hard, and applied his knuckles to the wood.

A voice called for him to enter with one word. ‘Yes!’

William lifted the latch and pushed open the door, and stepping into the chamber, he was immediately aware of how bright the room was with lighted candles in wall sconces, on the writing table and, in the window embrasure more candles flickered and burned.

And there, standing with his back to the fire, and dressed from head to foot in unrelieved black was Edward. Closing the door behind him, William stood for several seconds wondering what to do next. Then Edward spoke, and it was with the same soft and pleasant voice he remembered.
‘William, please, come in and sit down’, he said, indicating a chair by the fire, and as William did so, Edward crossed the room and went to the writing table on which was a pewter flagon and lifting it he proceeded to fill the two goblets which stood near. He handed one of these cups to William,