Blogging Again. 

Well, it’s a while since I last posted and I’m dithering about what to write after all this time. 

Ok, well, I am outlining a story about a photographer (one of my hobbies so research isn’t a problem) who moves back to Norfolk after splitting up with his cheating partner. Of course, his new assistant has a fabulous portfolio and even better, he is dishy and my hero is smitten. 😍

There is jealousy, a stalker and anonymous phone calls and shinanigans aplenty for our boys before they can attain their HEA ending. I just hope I can finish this one before the ‘black dog’ creeps up again. Fingers crossed, he is chained to his kennel for now. I hope he stays there. 

I have read lots of books over the last months. My favourites being Josh Lanyon’s Adrien English mysteries. I read all five of the series in about a week. If you haven’t read them, go and order them right now. They are beautifully written and full of suspense, action and of course, the on/off relationship between Adrien and the deeply closeted LAPD homicide cop, Jake Riorden. Lanyon also writes beautiful sex scenes. Full of emotion and feeling and sometimes with great poignancy. Especially in book 4, Death of a Pirate King  where Adrien believes he is saying goodbye to Jake. Heartbreaking stuff. 😪

Anyway, Josh Lanyon’s book, Man Oh Man is my bible right now. He gives some good advice on writing in the M/M genre. I do try to act on all the good advice, but sometimes I look at what I’ve written and it just looks, and sounds  trite and somewhat forced. Ah, well, I’ll keep plodding on and hope it all falls into place. 

Since I last posted, I have acquired a cat. I rescued him from my  niece’s  back garden last year. Poor boy had been abandoned and I fell in love with him. So last August, I shoved him in a cat carrier and we travelled on the train back to Norwich together. His name is Dave. Hmm, I was going to post a photo of him, but the updated WP app isn’t showing a photo icon. I’ll just have to familiarise myself with things again and post a photo another time. 

I will be posting snippets of my story for your delectation lol. So……watch this space. And…it’s good to be back. 😀 

6 thoughts on “Blogging Again. 

  1. jessielansdel Post author

    Hi there. 😊 Interesting post as always. I’ve just been reading your ‘Hunting’ post. What do you think of the Tories perhaps repealing the hunting law? I bet the tossers will do it as well.

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