Ciaran Dwynvil. Author & Bard.


I first ‘met’ author and bard, Ciaran Dwynvil whilst blog hopping earlier this year and I was immediately intrigued by his name and the header image on his blog (above)

A guardian demon was a new one for me as I believed that all demons were bad and dark and extremely troublesome who certainly didn't want to guard anyone. Well, the demons of Ciaran's world are dark, and handsome and can certainly be trouble to some of his characters….but they do have a 'good' side to them and that is what makes this authors books so compelling and interesting.

The 'Guardian Demon‘ series is full of darkly beautiful vampires and demons and villains; the perfect foil for the angelic and lovely young men in need of a healthy dose of lustful pleasure and sexual awakening.

The erotic scenes are beautifully written and are a veritable feast for the readers senses. Taste, touch, scents and sounds are vivid and evocative and the reader is transported right into the scene. Here is one of my favourite scenes from Trails of Love I Crawl Part 2;

But yes, he wanted to taste Viktor’s kiss. Now he realized the yearning that had been parching his mouth and pressing in his loins. Perhaps from the moment when he had touched the mortal’s body for the first time. He couldn’t be sure about the second when it had started. But he sure knew that things were in motion now. Viktor repositioned slowly and carefully to sit on his haunches and nobody stopped him. Desire filled dark green irises lured Donn closer, along with words: “Come here.” Oh, the voice was so different from the sensual huskiness of Belial’s one. It sounded so sharp. Razor sharp. But the cuts it left behind ached so sweetly and Donn couldn’t but make the step bringing him to the very edge of the table. And then his fingers tangled in rust colored locks as he felt the touch of Viktor’s lips against his. It wasn’t tender. It commanded him to open his mouth and he complied. He let the man’s tongue in and timidly sucked at the intoxicating nectar of unripe poppies mixed with honey. Shivering with lust, he enjoyed the feelings of sweet penetration. Thrusts of Viktor’s tongue made him think of their bodies barraging against each other and he couldn’t but pull the man closer. Opening himself for the sensual play, he suddenly felt the man’s hands brushing through his feathers. So tormentingly gently. As if the mortal knew how sensitive his wings were. They unfurled under so much pleasure and fluttered helplessly in silent pleas for more.

Oooh! the piece about the feathers is so deliciously soft and sensual it gives me the flutters. Lovely.

Ciaran’s latest book in the Guardian Demon series is ‘In Blue Poppy Fields Part 2′ which is book four in the Guardian Demon series.

“If you give again more than you ever should, something you care about will die.”

The words of the old divination laugh in the darkness, and death of all hopes seems to be inevitable when jealousy leads Reyach in alliance with Archangel Deathbearer. Determined to destroy affection budding between vampire Adhemar and High Demon Belial, resolved to bring his masters to final, endless sleep, he becomes the tool of Deathbearer’s vengeance, the tool that will fulfill the prophecy.

As sinister as their intentions are, in their scheme they don’t count the powers of love, loyalty and devotion – the very emotions that can shatter their plan to pieces. Will they?

Who perishes? Who thrives? And who sacrifices for the only belief worth fighting and dying for? Find out in the second part of In Blue Poppy Fields.

This mesmerizing gay erotic paranormal dark fantasy belongs to Guardian Demon Series that will hold you prisoner to unforgettable stories of life, love and lust set amid an intriguing fantasy world. Dwynvil’s unique storytelling will captivate you by vivid imagery, narratives told from multiple points of view and explorations of the darker side of D/s theme where safe words aren’t used.

And here, to whet your appetite, is an excerpt from ‘In Blue Poppy Fields, Part 2;

Then he realized where he was. His lover must have read his most secret longings in his mind. He… was in Caris, at the night of Bain. And his lover was here at home.

Belial stepped into the ring of crushed grass between two balefires without any hesitation. His body grew taut and stiff for a moment before his soles stamped for the first time, and he swirled around with his head thrown back in passion. His commanding presence was noticed almost immediately and more and more dancers stepped back to give him space. Their feet hitting the ground again and again sounded like drumbeat and their hands were clapping in the rhythm. Their attention was on him. On the handsome noble that came to have his entertainment tonight. They wanted him, madly, wildly, impetuously. Their desire was in the air but the demon already had a partner and wouldn’t dance alone for long.

For a moment Belial froze in motion but for a flash of his teeth in a wide grin and a small inviting gesture of his fingers. And Adhemar listened to the call. This was a different stage from the one he knew from Cibinium. Primal and wild. Drugging him with its heat.

He welcomed the intoxication with first confident dance steps. His body obeyed every whim of his mind with a forceful grace, and the gasps and quickened heartbeats his senses caught around testified that his beauty didn’t go unnoticed. He and Belial were the gods of this fete. Life-giving essences would be sacrificed to them in moments of pagan pleasure. Soon. But now… now he was craving Belial’s touch. And when the steps of the dance finally brought them close to one another, when their hands met, Adhemar’s whole body tingled with that need. And he saw its reflection in Belial’s seductive eye.

Hungry hands spun him around and pressed his bottom against Belial’s groin. The demon was hard and his covetous palms, brimming with sensuality in every caress, traveled the territories of Adhemar’s body shamelessly.

The dance was both heaven and hell. Promising pleasure and denying the immediate satiation of lust. Giving a little that was never enough. Again and again they stamped, again and again they swirled around, again and again their palms and orbs met in need, again and again their fingers avid for pleasure groped and stroked firm flesh. Until he almost couldn’t bear the fever of this night longer.

And then, just in his mind, he heard a husky and rich, though slightly breathless: “Choose two of them.” Hunt and Trickery and Blood. Now. Craving pulsed in his every nerve when his eyes roved over the circle. A young red-haired stud with bare chest caught his attention. And then a youth with long golden locks. Their color in the light of fires was like molten gold, and his slender body promised cat-like litheness.

So…..if you like your stories dark, erotic, sensual and with themes of D/s and not a safe word in sight…then these books….of lust, life and love, are for you. I highly recommend them.

And if you are curious about the world of Vampires and demons…..then pay a visit to Ciaran’s Blog here and prepare to be truly amazed.

All Ciaran's books can be found at Smashwords


10 thoughts on “Ciaran Dwynvil. Author & Bard.

  1. ciarandwynvil

    My men and me thank you for writing such a beautiful article about us, Jessie. We loved reading it and are delighted you enjoy our stories so much.

  2. jessielansdel Post author

    Your very welcome, Ciaran. It was a pleasure writing it and reading the books. Hope you and your men are well and happy. (Hugs)

  3. Elin Gregory

    You’d be surprised how much of it there is. The first I came across online was a super series of fanfiction stories about Aziraphale and Crowley from Terry Pratchett’s and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens. My favourite book.

  4. JadeCrystal

    You picked two fantastic excerpts for this post, Jessie. *glances through other comments* And I love Elin’s term “wing smut.” That is just…I love it. I have a soft spot for wings and feathers too. 😀

  5. jessielansdel Post author

    Thanks, Jade. The first excerpt was chosen by me but the one from ‘Poppy Fields’ was chosen by Ciaran. I do love his writing style.
    Hmmm, this feather thing is more popular than I thought. 😃

  6. twz

    Ea possunt paria non esse. Pudebit te, inquam, illius tabulae, quam Cleanthes sane commode verbis depingere solebat. Urgent tamen et nihil remittunt. An vero displicuit ea, quae tributa est animi virtutibus tanta praestantia? Sint ista Graecorum; Cur igitur, cum de re conveniat, non malumus usitate loqui? Huius ego nunc auctoritatem sequens idem faciam.Wise Man

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