Hump Day Hook.


Hi everyone, and welcome to Hump Day Hook. The day when you can sit back, pit your feet up and read some fabulous snippets from other authors covering all genres. 

Following on from last time, here is the next snippet from my ‘time-slip story, The Cloud of Unknowing which I wrote for my sister two years ago when I started writing again. So it’s a bit rough I’m afraid. 😬

Phil, visiting Pontefract Castle with her history buff sister, has been abruptly woken up from a doze to find everything bathed in a still, quiet and dream-like ‘aura’.  This is what she sees. 


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Pinned to the ground, her breathing shallow, her heart thumping and mute with panic; she gasped in horror as a shaft of sunlight broke through the clouds, spotlighting an area of the green opposite. .

For there, in the centre of the neatly manicured grass, was an executioner’s block, and kneeling before it was a man, head bowed and hands clasped in an attitude of prayer. 

What the…..!No way! No, this can’t be…….

The sun caught the man in its beam, highlighting the fairness of his hair and his thin handsome face, pale and impassive as he gently passed the beads he held through long slender fingers.

She could clearly see every detail of the man’s clothing and appearance, and that of the sinister masked figure, which stood unmoving, watching him….and waiting. 

Having finished his prayer, the kneeling man crossed himself then bent his head, resting his neck in the hollow of the block. And in the same deathly quiet, she watched with horrified fascination as he stretched out his arms, and in that one terrifying moment, she knew without a doubt that the man was about to suffer a bloody, brutal death. This was no dream, no tourist attraction.

The executioner then held the blade against the exposed neck, marking his target, and then, raising his arms high, he swung the axe, and as it flashed downward, Phil, shocked and sickened and with a cry of something akin to pain, covered her eyes and turned away. 

In darkness and silence she waited. Waited for a sound, any sound to indicate that it was all over, and the victim had been despatched quickly.
For even she knew, thanks largely to her sister that a beheading sometimes necessitated more than one stroke of the axe.
Oh! God, it was almost unbearable to think of someone, anyone suffering so horribly.


12 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook.

  1. Mandy Earles (@meryvamp)

    Is it weird that I love this? Ah, I have such morbid tastes, lol. I could see everything happening and unfolding through her eyes. Wonderful details. I have all sorts of questions though like: did she travel to the past? If so, how did that happen? And of course, who is the man about to be executed? Can’t wait to find out!

  2. ciarandwynvil

    I loved it. Not what happened to the fair-haired man but that you don’t shy away from details. Your writing once again invoked a plethora of emotions. Thanks for sharing.

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