A-Z Challenge….The Final Day.

20130430-102005.jpg is for The Zouch Chapel.

20130430-102200.jpg The Zouch Chapel is in York Minster and is a place of quiet prayer and contemplation but is not open to the public.

The chapel was built in memory of William la Zouch, Archbishop of York (1292-1352) William wrote his will in 1349 probably during the worst of the Black Death outbreak which was claiming so many of the clergy. And in it, he left instructions for a Chantry to be built in his memory. However, in the event and such was the dire situation of the economy after the ravages of the plague that only a chapel was endowed in his name. The Zouch Chapel

The Chapel has some of the most beautiful stained glass to be seen and many of the windows depict animals, birds and even in one….a spider.

20130430-105219.jpg This charming scene of a wren and a spider is my favourite. Just look at the expression on the birds face. But is he hungry or just curious, and did anyone notice that the poor arachnid has only six legs. Perhaps it sacrificed the other two to the wren.

Here to, in a corner of the chapel is a well which is known as Saint Peter’s Well. It was here, according to tradition that King Edwin of Northumbria (Born: 586 AD, Deira Died: 630 AD, Hatfield)
was baptised by Paulinus on Easter Eve 627. And this is why York Minster is called St Peter’s Cathedral.


20130430-111451.jpg St Peter’s Well

More Beautiful Glass




To read more about this lovely little chapel…..visit this site and see some more beautiful stained glass and stone carvings.

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