A-Z Challenge

20130424-154747.jpg is for Utopia….a land which exists only in a writers mind….a cerebral idyll…a perfect world.

In 1516, Sir Thomas More wrote a book about an imaginary land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He called the land….Utopia from the Greek meaning Good Place.

20130424-163513.jpg Map of Utopia

In More’s Utopia…everything is shared and there is no private wealth, and all men and women capable of work must contribute to the community by doing their fair share. Those who do not but who are deemed capable are punished.
More’s idea for his land was one of sharing and exchanging items to make sure everyone has enough to live simply…..there is no money in Utopia.

More also allows his residents of Utopia to practice any religion they wish, which seems at odds with his views that Catholicism was the only religion. Indeed, More did condemn ‘heretics’ (Lutherans) to be burnt at the stake. More himself was executed for his beliefs in 1535

More, though was known for his belief that educating his daughters was as important as educating his sons, and in Utopia this is evident as men and women have every opportunity to educate themselves.

Utopia is an equal society where everyone has an equal opportunity to grow and flourish both mentally and as a community by working together….and in many ways the book opened people’s minds to new ideas of working together for the common good.

20130424-163356.jpg Sir Thomas More

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