A-Z Challenge

20130411-094312.jpg is for Ipswich (or Ippy or The Swich) and where I live and work four days a week. The other three days I live in Norwich.

Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk and is situated on the estuary of the river Orwell. The name Ipswich is derived from the old Medieval name Gippeswic, probably taken either from an Old Saxon personal name or from an earlier name for the Orwell estuary.

20130411-100341.jpg The Orwell Bridge

But wherever the name comes from, I am extremely fond of Ipswich. Before I first came here I imagined a town of ugly, modern buildings, concrete and glass office blocks and other horrors. But nothing could be further from the truth.

There are some stunning 15th & 16th century buildings in the town centre…and when I first saw them I was amazed and delighted. And of course, there is a beautiful pub named after Ipswich’s own historical great…Thomas Wolsey.

20130411-101020.jpg The Thomas Wolsey
I attended my niece’s birthday party at the Thomas Wolsey in January and it was every bit as beautiful inside as out. Below is a photo from that evening (I’m the one on the left) and behind is one of the lovely carved plaster wall panels. Some of these panel carvings depict wild boars, Tudor Roses and Fleur-De-lys. And the wood paneling and leaded windows are fabulous. And the courtyard is like the setting for a Sherlock Holmes film with old-fashioned lamps and, timber framed walls and a narrow passage way into the street. Very Jack The Ripper. *delicious thrill of fear*

The Author (left) and her sister, Jill.


There are many more lovely buildings in Ippy and some lovely parks. So I’ll leave you with some images of these.








Yes, I know this seems rushed, but this should have been yesterday’s post and I’ve been a little bit busy. But, hey….it has pretty pictures so don’t grumble. 😃 See you all later with J……..now what can I do with J *walks away scratching head and frowning*

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