Hump Day Hook

It’s Wednesday and that means…..Hump Day! Lots of lovely authors (and me) share snippets from WsIP or published stories and books. So if you want to read them, go to This Site for the list of participating authors and enjoy.

We follow on from last week with my WIP, Ellis.

Even in here I can hear the gulls screaming over and around us, and they seem to mock me; Go on, tell him, tell him….we dare you.

The sound of them still has the power to invoke memories. Memories of long summer days when, in our world at least, the sun always shone; and winter when we waited with the others for the fishing boats to sail safely back into harbour. Even in our fear we had each other and that was comfort enough as we stood by the harbour wall, peering through curtains of icy, wind blown rain.
The women’s faces creased with anxiety and concentration as they too waited for a glimpse of a sail, and the weather and worry added more silver strands to already greying hair and more lines to the life maps that were their faces.
And always the gulls, screaming and wheeling around the headland and the cliffs, and always there is Ellis, my beloved Ellis.

The reverend waits patiently for me to begin my story. And I’m afraid that, when he hears it he will look at me not with friendship, but with disgust and revulsion.

‘Very well, I’ll tell you about my friend’, I say, ‘But you promised you would hear me without judging me. And I’m so afraid that you will change you’re mind when you have heard me out’.

‘I cannot judge you, Stephen, I leave that to a higher power’. He says, leaning forward to coax the flames with the poker.
And as I watch him perform that one simple, domestic act, and feel the heat from the flames as they leap upwards, I begin my story……


10 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook

  1. JadeCrystal

    Every single week you have me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear Stephen and Ellis’ story, and every single week I’m left sitting there, on the edge of my seat, practically salivating for another snippet. Gods, what are you doing to me? lol

    Lovely snippet this week. I love the description of the port and the memory of the gulls. It also raised a few questions for me. Why were they waiting for the fishing boats with the same anticipation as the women? Interesting thoughts… I can’t wait for next week. šŸ™‚

  2. C.R. Moss

    I really like the opening lines of your snippet with the gulls. Good hook! Thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

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