A-Z Challenge

20130409-170111.jpg is for Hubris. Ok, ok….I’m being a clever beggar here but I couldn’t think of anything else. Soooooorreeeee!

Anyway, Hubris, or pride comes from the Ancient Greek ὕβρις and if you speak and read Greek, you’ll be able to decipher that. ☺

We all feel pride in things; our own achievements and those of our loved ones, a beautiful house or garden. This is normal pride, but hubris is pride with arrogance, the over confidence in ones ability and sometimes with a lack of humility.

There are many examples of hubris in literature; Paradise Lost and Frankenstein being two examples. Victor, in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein manifests hubris in his attempt to create a being using technological means. But later, he regrets it and pays the price of his pride and arrogance, his hubris.

And this is where Nemesis joins forces with Hubris as was occasionally the case in Greek society. Suffering and punishment will follow pride, as in “Pride Cometh Before a Fall“. It is the pride which blinds as one accused of hubris often acts in an extremely foolish way without common sense.

20130409-190417.jpg And hubris was a crime in ancient Athens. It was considered to be one of the greatest sins in the Ancient Greek world. And no wonder; after all who wants some overweening, arrogant little pip-squeak running around causing untold chaos in a flagrant disregard for basic moral law.

But…..isn’t that what some of our MPs are doing right now? 😳

Anyway, I’m often quietly proud of my writing and no doubt all you lovely people who are reading this are as well. But, I’ll never be over proud or arrogant about my writing. I’m too self- deprecating for that malarkey.

I welcome all comments. Thank you for visiting.

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