A-Z Challenge.

20130405-232543.jpg is for Friends. And I’ve ‘met’ many in the last two years since I started writing seriously again.

Most of them are writers, many of them published and well established, and some have only just had their first books published. And some, like myself are very new to the game. But here’s the thing; I have never known a friendlier, more helpful, encouraging and inspiring bunch than those writers I have ‘met’ on line and later in person. All so willing and eager to pass on their wealth of knowledge and experiences in the world of writing.

I have frequently had, as most writers do, moments of crippling self-doubt as to my ability as a writer. But it only takes one positive comment from a writerly friend to lift my spirits and spur me on and all is well with my world again. And even friendly and well meant criticism is welcomed because without it, I and other fledgling authors would never be the writers we aspire to be and never move onward and upward. We need constructive criticism to become better writers and fine hone our skills.

This is a short post today because other aspects of my life need my attention right now. But I cannot finish this without a mention of those friends. So…..a big thank you to….

Elin Gregory

Charlie Cochrane


Ciaran Dwynvil


Alex Beecroft

Thanks Guys.

5 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge.

  1. ciarandwynvil

    Thank you, Jessie. I’m happy we met each other.
    For me, your writing rocks and I’m only waiting for you to publish your work so that I can run to buy it.

  2. onlyfragments

    Aww, thank you. I’ve never regretted moving my writing over to WP because it’s allowed me to meet folks like you (though you in particular!) and become part of such an active community. I probably hang out on here way too often, but it’s because I want to read all the fantastic stuff people are posting! And you’re right, there’s always a kind word for when we’re at our darkest, which is what makes this community so great.

  3. Rossandra White

    It’s a whole other world online, isn’t it? I’ve made some fast friends online and consider myself very lucky for doing so. Great header, by the way. Popping in from A-Z Challenge. Cheers!

  4. Elin Gregory

    So many blog posts, so little time. *hugs* It’s been brilliant getting to know you 🙂 and it’s only three months, and a bit, til July and a whole weekend of gabbing and reading. Can’t wait.

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