Hump Day Hook

It’s Hump Day once again and that means lots of wonderful snippets from fabulous authors to get your teeth into. So follow this link and enjoy. 


Following on from last week, Stephen, exhausted both in mind and body has been befriended by Alwyn Davy, a kindly vicar. Now…read on……; 


 ‘I can’t make you talk if you don’t feel able yet’, he says, a kind and sympathetic smile creasing the corners of his eyes. ‘But when you’re ready, I hope that you feel you can talk to me…in confidence and without judgement’. 

The man sits across from me, a cup and saucer balanced on the arm of his chair. My tea sits, cooling rapidly in its patterned china cup, on the small table where the reverend placed it nigh on twenty minutes ago. I desperately want to drink…but something stops me. I cannot, dare not pick up that cup, guide it to my mouth and place it against my lips. So I leave the tea untouched and hope that that the reverend doesn’t notice. 

‘Yes, I do want to tell somebody’,

 I can’t quite meet his gaze yet, and I stare fixedly into he flames of the fire, which triggers a memory. Ellis and I making pictures in the glowing embers of a dying fire one winter night many years ago. Of course, he saw angels and I…..I saw devils and demons. 

‘I want to tell you, Reverend’. 

‘Alwyn, please’. He says, taking a sip from his cup. 

‘I’m sorry. Alwyn,  I want to tell you how it was with Ellis and me’. 






14 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook

  1. Jessica Subject

    It’s nice that he has someone to talk to. I hope all works out for him. Great hook! 🙂

  2. JadeCrystal

    Can I just tell you how bloody hard it is for me to wait to read a new snippet of this story every week?! Gods, I want more, I’m so hooked on Ellis and Stephen’s story. I’m so glad that Stephen has someone to talk to now. It seems like he really needs it. This is a moving snippet, but I was especially grabbed by the part where he said that Ellis saw angels in the fire and he saw devils and demons. Powerful stuff, Jessie.

  3. jessielansdel Post author

    Thank you so much, Jade. I am enjoying writing it and by the looks of it, it’s going to be my first published novella or something. So fingers crossed. This is the first draft so loads to do yet. 👍

  4. Mandy Earles (@meryvamp)

    I, too, wanna hear about his past. It sounds dramatic and he definitely needs someone to confide in. Can’t wait to read more, and I also loved the part about him seeing demons and devils instead of angels. That really pulled me and made me want to read more. Nice job!

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