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is for beautiful. The beauty of the masculine form has been depicted in a variety of ways throughout history. From Michelangelo’s ‘David’ to modern day images of a half naked and sultry looking David Beckham advertising sports wear and male toiletries. 



It is very common to praise female beauty. In art, the sources are endless. The male body, on the other hand, used to be depicted in a less sexual way. Contemporary art has changed it.

In order to paint a idealized man body, with all its muscle definition, it requires from the artist a deep study of human anatomy. While the (ideal) woman body is soft, curved and delicate the man’s is rough, full of nuances. But that, I think is what make the male body so much more interesting than a female nude. 

Consider the hard planes of the chest, the curves of muscle and sinew of the arms, and the well-toned stomach with the chiseled lines on the hip bones that ambiguously point in the direction of delights lower down. Women find this indentation extremely sexy and like to caress this area of a man’s skin. 

Lately, too there has been an upsurge in depictions of male gay couples embracing, kissing passionately and in various states of sexual bliss. I adore these images and I have included a number of them on my blog. I find it deeply touching, extremely poignant and indeed, beautiful when two gorgeous, naked men are seen tenderly embracing, looking deeply into each others eyes, kissing and caressing and being gentle and loving. 

Of course, I don’t care for the brazen posing with thrusting hips and the ‘look at my cock….isn’t it magnificant’ kind of posing. No, I like the artistic, almost classical poses or those images depicting the lovely afterglow of sex with entwined limbs and expressions of blissfull sleep…..La Petite Mort. 

Of course, much of this is staged and is usually seen through a filmy gauze. But it doesn’t make it any less beautiful for me, and I will always prefer the male form…dressed or otherwise, to the female form. 







One thought on “A-Z Challenge

  1. Elin Gregory

    Lovely post and I like your illustrations too. The lad on top is lushly curved and rounded, rather than being all angles and sinew but that just adds to the softness of the scene. Very pretty.
    As for Davids I suppose it’s natural, bearing in mind my preferences in fiction, that I prefer Bernini’s very active and determined David to Michelangelo’s more passive one. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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