A- Z Challenge


is for Absolutely Shattered. 

My first post in the A-Z challenge and it’s late….very late. My excuse….I have been out all day and away from all PCs and iPads. 

It’s been a very busy week end I’ve had very little time for writing or planning what to write really. Today I accompanied my niece and her family for lunch at her in-laws. It was a very pleasant day but why do I feel so utterly shattered when in the company of people I don’t know very well. I was exhausted both physically and mentally and boy..does it make me feel ill. 

However, later we trotted around the corner to my sisters house and I felt better. Easier, more comfortable and less like a spare pr**k at a wedding. I know….that’s naughty of me but that’s how it felt. 

I’m not an extrovert….quite the opposite. I’m so introverted that I prefer to stay in doors even in summer; and people keep asking ‘Why are you inside on a lovely day like this?’ 

Because I’d much rather be doing something that doesn’t involve interacting with gleeful sun worshipers and their noisy brats. I’ll go for a walk in the country but even then I can’t escape into my own little world un disturbed because I’m usually with someone. And they don’t want to be silent and wallow in the whisper of wind in the trees and the joyful song of birds. No…the invariably want to gab. 

And afterwards…I feel shattered because I feel I have to talk back or make polite conversation. It’s debilitating, this social whirl. I dislike it intensely and next time I’m invited to niece’s in-laws…..I shall be ready with an excuse. 

So yes…I am absolutely shattered but its back to normal tomorrow……HURRAH! And I’ll be back on track with B. I promise. 


4 thoughts on “A- Z Challenge

  1. Elin Gregory

    Tell you what. when we’re sharing that room in July we’ll read a lot 🙂 that’s always fun.

    Nice post lovely. I’ll drop in to see tomorrow’s too.

  2. ciarandwynvil

    A lovely post, Jessie. I hope that after feeling absolutely shattered today, you will have a beautiful day tomorrow to go well with the B theme.

  3. Karen Tamara

    I don’t much like socializing either. Especially not making random small talk so I know exactly what you mean! Sorry you had a crappy day.

    I’m one of the minions assigned to help with the A-Z challenge. You’re on my bloglist so I thought I’d stop by and introduce myself. I wanted to follow but i don’t see a follow button? But I’ll definitely be back anyway! Nice to meet you…

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