Weekend Writing Warriors

Hope you’re all having a lovely Easter week-end folks. If you’re tired of chocolate, Easter Bunnies and egg hunts and want to escape into another world, then click on THIS LINK  and off you go. There are loads of eight sentence snippets from lots of wonderful authors for you to enjoy. 
This week….Edward & William from Defying Leviticus lock lips for the first time. But it’s all very gentle and sweet….and un edited because I’m having a very busy week end with family visits and decorating. 
Anyway….Enjoy; and Happy Easter….
Even as he spoke, there was a low ominous growl from the west where black clouds, edged with silvery gold, were regrouping for their next assault; and rain drops already stabbed the surface of the lake. 
Sitting back in his seat, Will chanced a sideways glance at Edward who was watching the advancing storm. He noticed how droplets of moisture trickled down his temples, running into the stubble of his beard and how his hair curled and stuck to the back of his neck,  the damp patches of sweat on his shirt at arm pit, chest, and back. 
 Suddenly, in the distance, a bolt of vivid blue lightning pierced through the belly of the clouds like a sudden sword thrust followed by an ear splitting  roar of thunder which forced Will to cover his ears. He turned towards Edward to gauge his reaction, and so subtle was the movement, Will hardly noticed it happen as Edward leaned further in towards him, placing his lips lightly on Will’s, and his first thought was how pleasantly Edward’s breath smelt of thyme and mint. 
Edward was the first to pull away, ‘Ah, Will, I’m so sorry, but…’
‘No, don’t stop’, Will linked his hands behind Edward’s neck pulling him closer, ‘Please, Ned’. 

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