Week-end Writing Warriors

Hope you’re all having a good week-end. Just to make it even better….sit back and enjoy some wonderful eight sentence snippets from lots of authors by following this link and off you go. 
My snippet this week is from my WIP ‘Defying Leviticus‘ and follows on from last week when William was about to embark on his first outing with Edward……on horseback. It occurs to me that I’ve posted this excerpt before. But I’ve made some small changes to it now. So enjoy…again. 😉
Next week…..first kiss. 

It was a gloriously crisp autumn morning, the overnight frost still having the land in its grip where the sun had not yet reached, making the grass sparkle with frosted dew, and cobwebs draped the hedges in shimmering gossamer shrouds. 
‘We’ll go at a walking pace, Will’ Edward had told him, ‘Just until you get the feel of the horse’.
They talked as they rode,  the miles passing in a blur for Will; and later, basking in Edward’s approval, the walk became a trot and finally a steady canter. 
By the time they had reached the out skirts of Colchester, and despite his aching buttocks and thighs, Will, grimly determined,  was keeping pace with his friend with ease. 
‘Well done, lad’, Edward said with a grin, ‘I see we’ll make a horseman of you yet’. 

Will’s face flushed red with pleasure and his happiness was complete. Edward, his beloved Edward had praised him. For William it was as welcome as a kiss. 



7 thoughts on “Week-end Writing Warriors

  1. ciarandwynvil

    Great to see Will did well. I can imagine how much it meant to him. And now I am wondering if the first kiss will be the ultimate reward of this ride. A wonderful snippet, Jessie.

  2. JadeCrystal

    I love the last paragraph. It’s true that being praised is worth so much more when delivered by the person you adore. I just hope that Edward will be considerate of his aching bottom. 😉

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