Passionate About Plot.

In my experience as a writer of gay historical & contemporary M/M romance stories, I have often found myself explaining why I write in this genre. Why, I am often asked, don’t I write something ‘normal’ and nice that more people will want to read. Why do I want to write about men doing ‘that’ to each other.

Because many people seem too believe that…if it’s gay or M/M it follows that it will be all anal and oral sex; or to put it much more crudely, page upon page of cum-splattered porn. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Since I began writing in this genre I have met many other authors who write GLBTTQ stories and novels and their books are as varied in their sub-genres as so-called ‘normal’ or ‘hetrosexual’ stories. They write mysteries, Sci-Fi, paranormal, fantasy and horror; all with gay, lesbian, trans and Bi-sexual characters. And all of them, I have to say are cracking good reads with hardly a bedroom scene in sight in many of them.

Yes, there are some sex scenes, and some are quite explicit and I enjoy them. Indeed, the first M/M novella I read was a real eye-opener in so far that it was very explicit and I was seriously boggle-eyed reading it, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book a and it has remained one of my favourites.

But this is a matter of choice just as it is with non GLBTTQ books. If you want to read books with explicit sex scenes go ahead….there are many to choose from. And so it is with GLBTTQ books. Some are very explicit, some with only a glimpse of the bedroom, many with no sex at all; but with a damn good story and plot. Not everyone wants to read about sex.

And I know for a fact that authors of this genre are fed up having their books listed as Erotica simply because it is labeled as gay or M/M or lesbian. It’s insulting I think to the many writers of LGBTTQ fiction and an insult to their integrity.

So, with this in mind….my good friend, author Elin Gregory started a site on Facebook…..Passionate about Plot and another on Goodreads where writers and readers of LGBTTQ fiction can promote and recommend their own and other’s books.

So, if you are a reader or a writer of LGBTTQ fiction and want to promote a book you have written or one you have read and it has little or no sex or what sex there may be is vital to the story….then head on over to FB or Goodreads and tell us about them. We look forward to seeing you there.


3 thoughts on “Passionate About Plot.

  1. roughseasinthemed

    But isn’t the whole issue about discrimination? Simple as that. And do you have to have personal experience of something to write about it? Hardly. I enjoy all your stories, just because they are a good read. Having said that, I do like the photos on your adult content page which I think are very erotic. But they could be any person, any gender. They would still be erotic.
    I’ve read some mainstream (for want of a better word) crime novels or thrillers, and about half way through I’ve finally pegged that one of the main characters is lesbien. It’s not part of the plot, she has a female partner and not a male one. So what?
    One of my former internet friends was bisexual and used to write about gay romance. She wrote well.
    I’ll read anything if it’s good. Including graphic sex. I draw the line at graphic sadistic violence though. I usually chuck those books in the bin. I can’t imagine how people enjoy reading it, let alone writing it, but each to their own. I’d rather stick with LGBTQ fiction though.

  2. onlyfragments

    I wish Amazon’s recommendation section understood the difference. You order one m/m historical fiction book for your Kindle and BAM! Pages of erotica recommendations. Thanks, guys, but I’m not really into gay werewolf porn. Or cowboy porn. Or ANYTHING porn. Although the titles are kinda fun to read… XD

  3. Elin Gregory

    Thanks for the plug, sweetie. I think we really NEED groups like PaP when faced with the situation Onlyfragments describes. I buy most of my books from All Romance eBooks because they have heat ratings and I can pick and choose with a better idea of what I’ll be getting. Or I buy according to the recommendation of a reviewer I trust. Cole on Armchair Reader has ratings for both the level of explicitness and for the frequency of sex scenes – very useful.

    A word to roughseasinthemed – part of the problem is that the publishers label un-erotic books as erotica because erotica sells better. So yes, discrimination in several different directions.

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