Week-End Writing Warriors

Hope you’re all having a good week-end. It’s time again to kick back and settle down to read some great excerpts from lots of wonderful authors here

Following on from last weeks snippet…Will is about to set out on a journey with Edward…..on horseback. Will has misgivings as he cannot ride half as well as Edward.

When Will arrived at the stables early next morning he was surprised to see Edward was there before him, and was now chatting amiably to Gilbert as the lad led two horses, ready harnessed and saddled, into the yard.

Will though, was more interested in Edward and, still hidden from sight he stood for a moment to watch his master and thought how splendid he looked dressed for riding in black Worsted doublet and sleeveless jerkin, a cloak slung casually over his shoulders, and holding a feathered cap in his hand.
And, God above,he was worth watching, this young man who filled his eyes and his heart. It was, he knew all he desired in life…to be near Edward, to love him from afar and in secret.

Sighing inwardly and having looked his fill, Will walked into view and was greeted by a sombre good morning from Gil both in deference to his late masters death and his new master’s presence. Edward smiled and after a cordial greeting, he sprang lightly and easily into the saddle.
‘Gil, perhaps you could lead Will’s horse to the mounting block’, he suggested, ‘he’ll find it easier to mount that way’. Then looking at Will, he winked and said, ‘You won’t be so shamed in front of Gil then either lad’.


14 thoughts on “Week-End Writing Warriors

  1. kelworthfiles

    To love, pure and chaste, from afar – or what might be worse, from close up, but unrequited and always behaving properly for a loyal squire. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m not quite sure if Edward is being considerate of Will’s sensitivity about his riding skill, or if he’s crossing the line into a bit of mean teasing here. How does Will react?

  2. Mandy Earles (@meryvamp)

    I like how he secretly admires him from afar. It really shows how he views Edward and his inner feelings towards him. Of course, now the question is how does Edward feel about Will? Can’t wait to find out 😉

  3. Virginia Kelly

    I really really liked “this young man who filled his eyes and his heart. It was, he knew all he desired in life…to be near Edward, to love him from afar and in secret.” That made my heart ache for Will.

    I do wonder about Edward having Gil lead the horse to the mounting block rather than have Will experience problems getting on the horse.. Would Edward dismiss Gill in order to save Will the embarrassment of using the block?

    Beautiful historical. Very nice snippet.

  4. Gem

    So beautiful. I visualized Edward through Will’s eyes and could feel his love. 🙂

  5. ciarandwynvil

    Another beautiful snippet, Jessie. I hope their ride will go well and Will will find some pleasure in it. I feel for him because of the mounting block but I think he’ll be alright.

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