Weekend Writing Warriors.

It’s the week end again, and thankfully I’m better prepared with my snippet. Last week I’m afraid I missed the boat as I was cavorting around Stony Stratford.
But, here is the follow up to last weeks piece from my WIP Defying Leviticus and Will & Ned have had a long discourse on many things much to the smitten Will’s delight. Now…it’s time for bed. Erm…..no…not that….yet. 😉

To read other excerpts by a host of wonderful authors, visit this site and settle back and enjoy.

Now, before I forget, I have need to go to Colchester tomorrow and I would have you accompany me. You can ride?’
William’s heart plummeted, for he knew, thanks largely to Gilbert, that Edward was a very good, fearless and even reckless, rider. Never could he match that, as he now told Edward, ‘Well, I can stay in the saddle and cling on in a fashion, but I would be hard put to keep up with you, Edward, may even slow you down’.
‘Don’t look so downcast, Will’, he said with a smile, ‘You’ll do clinging on for now, but we will have to see to that in due course, as I like to ride as often as possible and you will need to be with me just as often.
‘Now’, Edward rose to his feet and stretched again, ‘you must go to your bed, and I will see you out at the stables directly after breakfast’.
Will stood and made to leave, but was stalled by Edward’s hand gripping his shoulder, ‘Till morning then, William Audley’, he said with a smile, ‘I bid you good night’.
‘You also Edward’ Will answered ‘And thank you’. And he almost floated from the chamber like a man in a dream.


9 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors.

  1. Frank Fisher

    I like how this snippet ends, especially with him floating away from the chamber like a man in a dream. Very clever of you to choose a vivid metaphor.

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