Hump Day Hook

It’s Wednesday again and that means……it’s Hump Day! So, following on from last week, the young man ( who is remembering his dead lover, Ellis) now visits the grave of his lost love and is overwhelmed by the memory of the first time they made love.

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Have a happy Hump Day, everyone.

From the castle moat it is but a short walk to the church yard where my love has lain cradled in the earth these last twenty years.
It seems like only yesterday when he was instead, cradled in my arms. A lingering kiss, a tender caress, gentle fingers on skin soft as satin and pale as moonlight. That afternoon we left boyhood and innocence behind.
And much later,as the gentle heat of the September sun warmed our sweat drenched skin, we lay, an awkward loving tangle of arms and legs and smiled shyly into eyes bright with love and wonder and newly discovered passion.
We were both barely seventeen and it had been the first time for both of us.

Now, standing under the spreading boughs of the ancient oak under which he lies, gazing at the lichen covered stone which bears his name, the memory of that long ago autumn afternoon rips my self control apart and I break down and sob like a child.

20130226-213531.jpg St Mary’s Church, Scarborough

34 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook

  1. roughseasinthemed

    Sorry, I should have said I liked the story, but that was a given! I got distracted by the photo of the church and remembered wandering down to it from the nice house I stayed in, on the corner of Castle Road and somewhere else. Your stories always inspire me to write some more fiction, and then I get distracted!

  2. JadeCrystal

    Oh my, I felt tears coming as I read this. You’ve portrayed their love so beautifully. How lucky he was to have experienced such powerful love and be able to recall such precious memories. I can’t wait until you finish this.

  3. naomi

    So sad! I can feel the love that remains within him yet somehow think it is preventing him finding happiness again. I hope he can move on. Great hook

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