Weekend Writing Warriors.

It’s WWW time again, and I must apologise for the late posting. I have been staying for the week end in Stony Stratford, a lovely little town in Milton Keynes and where Richard 111 took charge of the young king, Edward V who was one of The Princes in The Tower.

Anyway, last week, we left Will and Edward drinking wine in Edwards study much to Will’s confusion. After a slightly awkward beginning, the two young men have settled in for a nice long chat.

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They talked long into the evening about many things, and William had been greatly impressed with Edward’s ability to talk knowledgably and at length on any number of subjects; books, music, art, and much to Will’s delight, farming, a subject which was close to his heart.
They had touched on all these things and the hourglass had turned three times before Edward, emptying the last of the wine into their cups, had kicked at a wayward log with his booted toe, and yawned and stretched like a lazy languid cat.
‘It grows late, Will,’ he said draining his cup, ‘No doubt you’re tired after the day we have all endured. I am glad we have had this talk though, and I hope we will have many more such talks before too long’.
‘So do I, Will answered, himself smothering a yawn with his fist, ‘I must tell you, when I first came in to this chamber, I did think I was about to be sent back to Suffolk’, he frowned, chewing his lip and looked contrite, ‘I am sorry for that’.
‘Ah Will, why would I do that when my father himself thought so highly of you. He told me you were trustworthy and honest and above all, loyal. I have no reason to doubt him and hope I never shall have. These are valuable traits lad, and cannot be so easily earned. I think, in the days and months to come, I will have need of all of them’.
William almost glowed with pride and happiness at that, and could not stop the wide grin which spread across his face.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors.

  1. Clare Davidson

    Hope you had a nice time in Stony Stratford 🙂 I love this description: “yawned and stretched like a lazy languid cat”, it’s just so lovely and visual.

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