Hump Day Hook

It’s Hump Day, so here is an excerpt from a story I’ve been mulling over for some months now. It’s a sort of follow up from last weeks where a young man is lying in the shadow of Scarborough Castle ruins watching the gulls. The man is thinking of his lover, Ellis and how he blames himself for Ellis’s death.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a link to the list of other authors as either my Internet is playing up or something has gone awry with the HDH site. 😔

A vague shadowy form, he invades my dreams at night. He is always kind, always sweet and loving, and I… I am filled with the same deep love for him which I felt before.
Nothing has altered in that respect. Ellis, my loving, beautiful, gentle Ellis. So dear to me and so happy with our love even though he knew it could mean trouble for us both. We didn’t care though, we lived for the day then. We were young….and in love.

He does not hate me, he has forgiven me. But I cannot forgive myself, cannot erase the guilt which has haunted me for so long.


20 thoughts on “Hump Day Hook

  1. Delena Silverfox

    So heartbreaking! I love it, though, because it shows that we’re always the ones holding onto the guilt and pain that our loved ones let go of when they pass on. Lovely!

  2. jessielansdel Post author

    Thank you, Delena. 😊 I have visited your blog and your hook is beautifully sensual. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on ‘Blogger’ sites with any account. 😳

  3. JadeCrystal

    My heart was breaking as I read that. Better to have loved and lost, they say, but they don’t say how incredibly much it hurts to have lost. Beautiful excerpt.

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