Week-End Writing Warriors


Well, here we are again and I hope you’re all having a pleasant week-end. Here is another snippet from my WIP Defying Leviticus. Last week we left Will in Edward’s study having been summoned there by Edward. Will is understandably nervous, and when Edward offers him a glass of wine, Will is struck dumb by this strange turn of events.

Edward sat back in his chair and stretched his legs towards the fire, looking quizzically at William, ‘You do talk, Will? he asked, one eyebrow raised, ‘for not one word have you spoken since you entered this chamber. Do I make you nervous, or is it respect for my grief which makes you mute?’ and he smiled as he spoke and William’s heart lifted, and in spite of himself, he smiled back.

‘No, sir, I am not afraid of you at all, and I do and will accord you every respect for your loss for I feel it too, as I loved your father almost as my own. But, it has been a day of many emotions and this has been a surprise to me, for I had not expected to be drinking wine with you tonight of all nights. And that, I think is what robs me of speech’.

And where, he thought, did all that come from? No stammering or stuttering, even his face had not coloured, except for the side nearest the fire. Had he gone too far?

To read more snippets go here where you can read lots of other excellent snippets from many other authors.


9 thoughts on “Week-End Writing Warriors

  1. Monica Enderle Pierce

    Me’thinks his own subconscious is sending him a message. I hope he listens. 🙂

  2. gzidar

    I enjoyed the flowery language you’ve used… it did a lot to help set the scene. I expect his surprise at his fluency won’t be the only thing that shocks him that night.

  3. Mandy Earles (@meryvamp)

    I really love the dialogue. You’ve done a wonderful job just setting the mood and using dialogue to express the time period. And Will’s character intrigues me. He seems surprised at himself for not even being nervous. Maybe the wine has made him fearless 😉 I can’t wait to find out.

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