Happy Valentine’s Day…Or Not.


My Metal Valentine.

Dan pressed the ‘end call’ button on his mobile and punched the air triumphantly.
‘Yeeesssssss’ Looking at his watch…he reckoned he had about forty five minutes to shower, dress and be ready in time for Lloyd picking him up at 7:30.

Standing under the jets of water of the newly installed power shower, Dan couldn’t stop grinning to himself. For weeks he’d been dropping hints to his lover, Lloyd about February 14th and how he’d really like to do something different that evening. All he’d got, though was a series of grunts and hmmm’s from Lloyd, who had then slipped his head phones back on and continued composing guitar riffs. Grrrrrrrrrr!

It wasn’t that Dan hated the band or anything like that. He adored watching his lover when they played gigs all over the country. Up there on stage, his long blonde hair shimmering like liquid gold in the spot lights as he tossed his head around along with the rest of the band…playing his beloved bass guitar with passion and skill and throwing the crowd into a frenzy. And all the girls loved him best…he was the handsome one, The Golden Boy of metal band ‘Tortured’.

But he’s mine, Dan thought with pride. You’ve no chance, girls.
And stepping from the steamy shower cubicle, he briskly dried himself and still naked, strolled into the bedroom to dress. But what to wear? Hmmmm! Suits weren’t his thing, but he thought he ought to make some effort.

Phew, dressed and downstairs with ten minutes to spare. Just time to neck a quick beer before Lloyd arrived. The ‘Becks’ was nicely chilled and hardly touched the sides as Dan threw back his head and drank,straight from the bottle. And he’d barely time to smack his lips and savour the beer before he heard Lloyd’s car pulling onto the drive.

‘Erm, looking smart, dude’ Lloyd said with a grin as Dan made himself comfortable in the passenger seat of the Audi. ‘What’s all that in aid of?’

Dan had dressed casually but smarter than usual. Black jeans and a spanking new T-Shirt, black of course but for once unadorned by a grinning skull or a blood-spattered corpse. ‘Ah, you know…thought I’d make an effort tonight’. Dan replied. ‘Erm, where are we going anyway?’

It was only when they were in sight of the brightly lit frontage of the building with its universally known logo that Dan realised where they were actually going.

‘Are you fucking kiddin me’, he said, Fucking Maccy Dees!!’

Lloyd looked askance at his furious lover, ‘But we always come here on Thursdays, you know that’.
Lloyd steered the car into a parking bay and switched off the engine. ‘What’s so different tonight?’

‘What….what’s different is…is…oh, shit, what’s the fucking point’. Dan felt his face reddening with anger and possible embarrassment. Served him right for allowing himself to hope that, for once his lover would be even a little bit romantic. But hey, it wasn’t cool, didn’t go with the image. Fuck!

‘Aw, come on Dan…I’m sorry. I forgot what day it was’. Lloyd laid his hand on Dan’s thigh, ‘But you know I don’t go in for all that…that romance shit’.

‘No, I know you don’t’. Dan sighed and got out of the car. ‘Come on then’ he said, ‘lets go get the usual crap’.

‘Hey! Dan’ Lloyd called as he locked the car, ‘You still love me though’.

‘Wanker!!’ Dan grinned as he stood and waited for Lloyd to catch up. Ah, what the hell. Who needs romance when I’ve got him anyway.


7 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day…Or Not.

  1. Bullish

    Why do we always fall for the ones who are oblivious to the special moments?! Hmm, maybe because they make the moments with them special?! Thank you for entering the hop!! 🙂

  2. Lizzie Koch

    I love this entry; it just typifies what goes on for most people on Feb 14th- just a normal day because you don’t need to show someone love and romance on that day when they are so special to you anyway for every day of the year. The banter and language is brilliant too.; such a British word ‘wanker’ and used perfectly here. x.

  3. Diane J. Reed

    A lot of truth here. We make all kinds of deals for love, tiptoe around minefields, relinquish our hearts, make concessions. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t? Perhaps “mine” is better than the abyss of singlehood again? Only Dan can answer that in the dark. Well done

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