IWSG. (Or..The Insecure Writers Support Group)


Winter, work and weariness. A combination that can sap the creativity of the most avid writers. Like wilting daisies, we sit in front of our iPads, laptops and PCs and sit staring vacantly at a blank screen. It’s awful and makes one feel totally useless and we wonder why we bother.

My WIP has suffered terribly these last months through a combination of work (looking after an energetic toddler) and travelling between my home in Norwich and my nieces home in Ipswich. (It’s her baby) Hence the weariness. It’s enough to make anyone tear their hair out and reach for the Red Bull.

So, my WIP has come to a halt and its looking very much as though it won’t be finished, at least this first draft, until spring is well advanced. Ho hum!

Added to that of course is the dreaded winter hibernation syndrome many of us feel at this time of the year. All I want to do when I get home is retreat to my bed with a hot water bottle, a thumping mug of tea and my reading pile. But no, I force myself to fire up the ancient lap top and write…anything as long as I’m writing something to boost the word count.

It’s so much nicer to sit and write in a room flooded with spring sunshine with the windows open and a soft breeze rippling the curtains. But then…..you look around and see a months (or two) accumulation of dust and cobwebs and feel guilty.

Do I start spring cleaning now I’m back into my stride?………NO! The dust and cobwebs can stay where they are until I’ve finished this draft.

Until next month, folks. Keep writing.


6 thoughts on “IWSG. (Or..The Insecure Writers Support Group)

  1. Michael Di Gesu (@DAK86)

    Hi, Jessie,
    Nice to meet you. Well, at least you get to spend quality time with your niece. I know she’s exhausting, but when she’s older you two will have a very special relationship. I always wished I had a niece or nephew, but I wasn’t as fortunate.

    We all go through the winter blues. I live in Chicago now, but I am from NYC originally. The winds get VERY OLD …. and I HATE to leave my cozy condo, but I force myself out. One still has to shop for food, workout, meet friends, run around with clients… But at least we know we are alive and functioning. When Spring does hit, life will be rejuvenated again…

    Fresh cut flowers always cheer me up on winter blues. I am off to get some now….

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