Six Sentence Sunday

It’s an extremely rushed SSS this week as I’ve had a very busy week-end helping to arrange a surprise birthday party, and being very sneaky with others who where in on the secret. It was a huge success I’m happy to say.

So, here is a snippet from earlier in Defying Leviticus when, after Will has been on a visit home, Edward is eagerly awaiting his lovers return.

Edward, still hovering on the borders between sleep and full wakefulness, slowly opened his eyes and hurriedly closed them again as the bed curtains of rippling translucent silk were pierced by a shaft of sunlight, making them glimmer blindingly, and unwilling to relinquish the last vestiges of sleep he turned over and prepared to nap for a while longer. As he hunched himself further into the heap of feather pillows, he felt unaccountably happy and contented for reasons his sleep clouded mind had yet to fully grasp. Then smiling to himself he remembered, today was Saturday and Will was coming home.
A soft tapping on the door some half an hour later brought him fully awake and, turning onto his back, he called for them to enter. Stretching and smothering a yawn he sat up as George Illingworth came into the chamber, carrying a jug of hot water and towels.
‘Good morning George’, he smiled sleepily at the steward, who Edward noticed appeared somewhat ragged this morning.

For more Sixes from other authors, visit the Six Sentence Sunday Site and enjoy. 😊


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