Six Sentence Sunday

Once again, it’s Six Sentence Sunday and time to put your feet up and enjoy snippets of writing with something for everyone. So, go to Six Sentence Sunday site and enjoy.

This week, we’ve gone back a little in my story and this piece is the moment just before Ned and Will share their first kiss. I hope you like it.

The simple wooden seat was well hidden, set back as it was in a hedge of clipped yew, the dark green of the leaves giving an allusion of coolness to the arbour.
In the distance, black bellied clouds were gathering and thunder growled as fat raindrops pitted the surface of the lake.
Edward leaned back stretching his long legs out before him, and sighed, ‘Oh God, that’s better. My feet ache in these damn boots’.
He turned to Will who, sitting forward, legs apart, and forearms resting on his knees, had become very quiet all of a sudden, ‘What’s amiss Will? You seem very thoughtful’.
‘I was just thinking how beautiful it is here’, Will said, ‘It’s so peaceful and private; I wonder you don’t come here more often instead of the river’.
Edward stared thoughtfully up at the sky before answering, ‘I am too close to home here, Will, and sometimes I need to be alone with my thoughts’.


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