Six Sentence Sunday.

It’s Sunday again and that means lots of sixes over on this site with something for everyone. So settle down and indulge in some cracking mini excerpts from some wonderful authors.

So, last week, we left Ned and Will in a loving embrace down by the river unaware they were being watched.
Here is a description of the watcher….the nasty Ambrose Kytson………

Ambrose Kytson was something of an enigma in the Wharton household.
Deeply unpopular with the other servants and uncaring of the fact, he had built an impenetrable wall around himself that no one had ever been able to breech. But as he did not invite nor encourage friendships or intimacy, remaining aloof from his fellows, no one had ever had the inclination to try.
A covert bully, he would, over a period of time ferret out weaknesses in others and make their lives almost intolerable.
He was viewed with varying degrees of suspicion, dislike and with many there had been outright fear. Much he had cared, as he knew that he was good at his job and performed his duties diligently and well and as long as his employer was satisfied then that was well and good.


11 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday.

  1. ciarandwynvil

    I like his description. I don’t like the man but like the way you described him. It creates a clear mental picture. Thanks for sharing, Jessie.

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