Do you suffer from doubts about your writing?

Don’t we all. But now, you can voice all those nagging doubts by visiting this site and signing up for the Insecure Writers Support Group


Every first Wednesday of the month you can gripe, winge and chunter about aspects of your writing that may be worrying you.

And let’s face it..we all have doubts every now and again. I know I do and I really hate to bore people with them. Being a martyr to mood swings (I have Bi-Polar 2) my ability to write or at least, my perceived ability very much hinges on the mood of the moment. If I’m in one of my ‘High’ moods I can write furiously throughout the night and into the wee small hours; and that’s not a fact it’s a wonderful, exhilarating feeling and I’m flying up there with old Icarus himself. But…it’s when I’m in ‘a mood’ when I get my doubts and insecurities.

The Black Dog snaps and snarls over my shoulder and dribbles things into my ear like..’You can’t write for toffee’ or ‘You’re a waste of space’ or ‘Why do you bother? You’ll never be a writer’.
Yes, he’s monstrous, that dog. Black Shuck of East Anglian legend has nothing on him I can assure you.


I don’t write much at those times. I daren’t because I know it’ll sound trite, idiotic, terribly amateurish and my imagined audience (which all the experts tell us to ignore or dismiss with a languid wave of the hand) will fall about laughing and have hysterics.

It’s even worse when I read another authors work and weep with despair that I’ll never be able to write like that. But reason does kick in eventually and I tell myself (yes, I have conversations with my self as well. Very in depth ones sometimes) that to write well takes bags of practice and more practice.

And submitting pieces for the Speak it’s Name Advent Calendar and getting lots of lovely comments is fabulous and does wonders for my morale. Plus the numerous comments for my blog posts.

Anyway, enough of my woes. What do you do to dispel your doubts? Do you talk to other writers about it or struggle on and hope it gets better?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering..I think this piece sucks. 😳

This is part of a blog hop for the Insecure Writers Support Group. Go over to the site (link above) and visit other writers in the group.

7 thoughts on “Do you suffer from doubts about your writing?

  1. Elin Gregory

    *poke poke poke*
    It doesn’t suck. But I know that feeling – the one that makes it pointless eating or washing or getting out of bed in the morning. I think you’re brilliant for carryng on carrying on. *hugs*

  2. timethief

    Hey there. Yes, I struggle with insecurity. I think we all do.

    I dropped by to wish you a self-confident 2013.
    All the best to you always,

  3. Shannon Lawrence

    I get those doubts when I’m reading something that I find amazing. Nothing like phenomenal writing to make me feel like maybe I should hang it all up. But writing takes practice, and we’re our own worst critics, and any other cliche that actually works (because they do, what can I say?). We pour so much of ourselves into writing, so putting it out there to be judged feels like having ourselves judged. Not something I’ve ever been a fan of.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  4. kaye draper

    Hello from IWSG! I totally understand your comments about mood… though I think mine has more to do with the moon…if you get my drift. On a monthly basis I will at some point have a low energy, can’t do this week, followed by a flying, writing a thousand words a minute creative high. At times I’ve cursed this rather predictable cycle, but at present moment, I’m actually glad of it. If being more “even” meant you had to trade those creative moments, I’m sure you wouldn’t. Just think, you know you are guaranteed to, at some point, be full of ideas again! (and of course I must say I’m talking sub clinical levels here, of course if your lows are harmful lows than that needs to be treated. I don’t mean to belittle bi-polar disorder, by any means!). Best of luck in all your endeavors and welcome to the crew πŸ™‚
    PS: love old shuck. I did a short post on him back in April. So many possibilities….

  5. Tyrean (@Tyreanify)

    This post doesn’t suck. It’s just raw and honest. It all sounds like the stuff I go through – the good moments and the tough moments. Believe in your writing, and keep writing.

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