Six Sentence Sunday

Well, here we are; the last SSS before Christmas. It’s been a long and busy week for most of us so, sit down, kick back and enjoy all the other six sentences by going to This Site and reading some smashing mini excerpts from lots of other authors with something for everyone.

Tea, coffee or mulled wine even, at the ready? Off we go then.

Last week, we left our heroes Ned and Will down by the river after a long, hard gallop across the Essex country side. Edward hinted at some er..rough stuff…….

‘I don’t think that is in your nature, Ned, if I may say so’.
Will squirmed around in an effort to make himself comfortable against the tree, before giving up and instead stretched on his side on the grass, propping himself up on his elbow he smiled at Edward, ‘Unless you want to prove me wrong sometime’, he said, ‘and I have absolutely no objections if you feel inclined to do so’.
Chewing on a blade of grass, Edward pretended to consider, ‘Hmm, what shall I do with you William? Perhaps I could strip you naked and tie you to the tree, but there, I forgot to bring the bindings, so we cannot I’m afraid play that game’.
‘Mmm, it may be interesting to play the game in the bedchamber later though’, Will’s eyes sparkled and his face split into a wide grin as he waited for Edward’s reaction to his suggestion.
‘Wanton!’, heaving himself away from the trunk, Edward lay down on the grass mirroring his lovers position there, and smiling he stretched out his hand running his fingertips across Will’s cheek, ‘but it’s an intriguing idea and one we should certainly explore ere long’.
Will moved closer, his own hand imprisoning Edward’s where it still lay against his face, ‘Then, Ned, a kiss for now, and then..later perhaps…….’

Happy Christmas Everyone


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