Six Sentence Sunday

It’s Six Sentence Sunday again. I should think you know the drill by now. Go to the Six Sentence Site to read lots of six sentence excerpts from loads of wonderful authors; and with something to suit every won’t be disappointed.

My offering again comes from my WIP Defying Leviticus and here, Ned and Will have progressed in their friendship and both know exactly what (and who) they want.

The rush of cool air as they galloped hard and fast across the open countryside was blessedly welcome as it forced its way between billowing shirt and naked skin beneath.
Edward spurred his mare ever faster; and keeping pace, Will had laughed aloud with pure joy at this unexpected release from the stultifying atmosphere of Linhill.
Finally, exhilarated and in high spirits they arrived at the place by the river which they considered their own. Reigning to a halt by the bank, Edward slid from the saddle and slapped Cybele soundly on the rump, sending her towards the river to cool off and drink.
Leading his own horse to the waters edge, Will grinned over at Edward, ‘Now that’s what I call loving and caring, Ned- a good slap on the backside every so often never did anyone any harm, even a man’s horse’.
Edward laughed and made to walk up the bank to the willow tree, ‘Care for some rough handling Will?’ he said over his shoulder, ‘I can oblige if that’s what you want’. He sat down with his back against the tree trunk and waited for Will to join him.



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