Hypocrisy At Its Most Blatant.

This woman who is receiving a blessing from the pope is plotting the murder of thousands of innocent gays and she has the bloody gaul to kneel and receive an extension of God’s Grace from this man who closes his eyes to all that is corrupt in the RC Church.
Such revolting hypocrisy is mind boggling and I’m almost incoherent with fury. I am so bloody angry I could weep.

In my opinion, by meeting with this woman the pope is effectively condoning her actions. Kadaga was in Rome attending the World Parliamentary Conference on Human Rights!!!!

Read the full article here

Homophobic Bitch meets Ex Nazi hypocrite.

5 thoughts on “Hypocrisy At Its Most Blatant.

  1. Harry

    I’m going to do a post to-morrow on that and i’ll put a link to your blog on it.
    I forgot all about her.
    You know me, i will not be kind 🙂

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