Six Sentence Sunday

It’s Six Sunday again. And to read more from lots of other authors, see the Six Sentence Sunday Site for some great sixes.

Following on from last week, Edward has surprised Will in the stable and is now inviting him to ride with him as a ‘cure’ for what he believes is love sickness……for a girl.

Leading his mare from her stall, Edward turned and grinned up at Will,
‘Mooning over a wench, Will, is that what pulls you from your bed at this hour? Get down from there and come for a ride. It’s the best cure I know lad, especially if a woman is at the heart of your melancholy’.
Will climbed down from the loft and sauntered with exaggerated slowness over to Edward’s side,
‘I couldn’t sleep that’s all. And I’m not mooning over….a wench, Edward, rest assured on that’.

No, thought Will, and you would likely have a seizure if you knew the half of it.


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