Six Sentence Sunday

It’s that time of the week again…..yes, it’s Six Sentence Sunday and you can read lots of brilliant stuff by visiting This Site. There is something for everyone, romance, erotica, murder, mystery, fantasy and Sci-Fi. So nip over and have a look.

My six this week are once again taken from Defying Leviticus and here, William, poor lad, has just woken up from a rather erotic dream he was having about Edward. He is troubled and not a little disturbed, so he goes to the stable loft to mull over his feelings…and where he gets a nice surprise.

The sun had risen higher now, casting the naked branches of the trees into dark silhouettes as shafts of light shone soft gold behind them.
Then, piercing the early morning quiet, he heard the poignant, wistful sound of a song thrush, and his eyes filled with tears. His feelings for Edward were making him both happy and miserable by turn, and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it. He was so tired of this constant see-sawing of his emotions, and it was wearing him down.

‘Will! What the devil are you doing up there at this hour?’

He’d been so deep in thought, that he had not heard the approach of footsteps across the courtyard, nor the opening of the stable yard gate, and he nearly fell out of the loft with shock.


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