LOOK!! Twice.

I’ve been tagged by my mate Elin Gregory again for another meme. This time, you must find the word ‘Look’ in your WIP and write an excerpt containing the word. In my case I’ve found one containing ‘Look’ twice. I hope that doesn’t get me disqualified or something. 😳

Anyway, from Defying Leviticus my NaNo piece; here is Edward reassuring his faithful servant, George (after George has accidentally cut Edward with the razor ) that his fears regarding another servant are unfounded.
George isn’t convinced though….and with very good reason. Watch this space!!



‘It pains me to say so, George but I find that difficult to believe. You look like a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders’. Edward gave the troubled man a long measured look,
‘It’s my bringing Goldney here which bothers you" he said at last, "That which sours your mood and causes you to attempt to cut me to ribbons’. He joked in an attempt to lighten the other man’s mood.
"I am right aren’t I George?"

‘Yes Edward, it is. I’m afraid it is’,
He left his seat and began to pace, ‘I cannot help but think there will be trouble if and when he comes here. The man has always been a bully and worryingly quick tempered, and as I understand it, he is becoming more so with time.’

George stopped his pacing and went to stand by the window, looking out at the beauty of the autumn day, at the sun drenched garden and the peace and tranquillity of Linhill and wondered how much longer it would last.

‘George, I am truly sorry you feel like this, but I cannot see any other way. I must give Goldney a chance here. But if it helps, I will make it clear to him that he will be out the moment he puts a foot wrong or upsets any of the other servants. I do promise you though, that my first concern will always be to my servants who have been here the longest. I cannot say fairer than that".


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