Uganda to pass Kill-the-Gays Bill.

Uganda is to introduce a law which will make homosexuality a capital offence by the end of the year despite international criticism. .

See Here

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (below) said that this was a ‘Christmas gift’ to the populace, the majority of who, it seems welcome the passing of the bill.


So, another country regresses by several decades and joins Iran and other such countries by introducing this barbaric law and executing its homosexual citizens.
Should we refuse all aid to Uganda? Or will this make things worse for the gay men and women who will really need our help. Should the world turn its back on this country. What, if anything can be done for those people who will be desperate to escape after the law is passed.
It makes me want to weep with anger and despair; but that will not help them.

Please will you sign This Petition and help to stop this bill from being passed. We urgently need as many signatures as possible. I am urging you, please sign and help save the lives and freedoms of gay people in Uganda.

Thank you.



7 thoughts on “Uganda to pass Kill-the-Gays Bill.

  1. roughseasinthemed

    I just do not understand this. While I can understand the first category, which is pretty much like an sexual abuse of anyone regardless of gender, the second leaves me stunned. Life imprisonment for living with someone you love because it doesn’t suit the rest of the population?

    And 89% of the population don’t agree with it? Really?

  2. jessielansdel Post author

    I know; it’s horrendous. One wonders what they will do next!! Maybe pass a bill to execute the mentally ill. It’s been done before.

    Thanks for visiting hun. 👍

  3. onlyfragments

    This is such a slippery slope, too. In countries where you have such an ingrained fear of homosexuals, criminalizing their existence only allows politicians, police, and other people with an agenda to use it as an excuse to “get rid” of whomever stands in their way. Have someone causing you problems, perhaps a political opponent or dissident? Accuse them of being a homosexual; with a government so violently opposed to them, they won’t even bother proving your claim, they’ll just arrest the person. It’s the Third Reich all over again.

  4. onlyfragments

    I find it ironic that when people here are opposed to homosexuality because of their religion, we call them bigots; however, if people in ANOTHER country are opposed to homosexuality because of their religion, we say it’s not their fault, it’s their culture and government. I do not in ANY way condone the people of Uganda’s actions and beliefs because of the culture in which they were raised. That’s what free will and critical thinking are for, to question WHY you believe what you believe. Besides, there are plenty of Christians (and folks of other typically anti-homosexual religions) that have accepted homosexuality on a personal level. Religion and culture can’t be your excuse.

    Okay, done ranting.

  5. Harry

    You will find that most of these countries are muslim or going that way, no-one has rights of any kind. Signed and will re-blog.

  6. jessielansdel Post author

    Thank you for comments everyone. Lets all hope we can do something to stop this barbaric and inhumane law from being passed. We must fight for these poor souls with everything we have. 👍

    Thank you Harry. 👍 You’re a star.

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