Six Sentence Sunday.

This is my first first ‘bash’ at ‘Six Sentence Sunday’; and this six is from another first for me, my NaNoWriMo attempt. The working title is ‘Defying Leviticus, but that, like everything else about this story, could change.

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The story takes place in 16th century Essex; and when his father dies suddenly, Edward Wharton inherits not only his father’s wealth and land, but also his young valet, William Audley.
On the evening following his fathers death, Edward has summoned William to his study; and because William harbours a secret love for Edward, he is at once nervous and joyful about the impending interview.

So, here are my six…….

William had not enjoyed his meal that evening. Not only had there been none of the usual noisy chatter from his fellows, but thoughts of meeting Edward had robbed him of his usual healthy appetite. Never had he dreaded anything so much, but never had he felt such joy either. Soon, he would be speaking with the man who had never left his thoughts from the time he had first seen him; the man whom he loved beyond reason and hope. It was with these conflicting emotions that he sat at the board with his fellows and tried to eat his supper. But he could not, and he pushed his plate away untouched.


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