Day three.


I haven’t done too badly today word count wise, seeing as I got up quite late, and felt horribly groggy for the first hour. But, after copious amounts of tea I felt human again. Plus, mum and dad where home to administer to the ankle biter. πŸ˜€

I am still finding the writing heavy going and my creative juices don’t seem to be flowing as well as I would like; but as my writing buddy, author Elin Gregory pointed out;

One thousand, six hundred and thirty four words a day gets the job done if you’ve set your heart on a ‘winner’ badge. But 500 words a day gets you a novella length story. Is all good :)”

So that’s something to bear in mind should my Muse disappear altogether. (He does have a habit of doing that.)

Another slight distraction was the delivery of a delightful little book, Life In A Tudor Palace
It’s a smashing book and takes us through a typical day in the life of Henry V111 and his court. It is a nice little resource for writers of historical fiction as it can be ‘scaled down’ for lesser households and the like. It’s available in paperback or Kindle.


So, we shall see what tomorrow brings on the writerly front. My target is for 1,500+ but we’ll see.

Goodnight everyone and to my fellow NaNo ers, Keep Going πŸ‘

I welcome all comments. Thank you for visiting.

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