St Mary’s Church and Castle, North Bay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

As a follow on to the post, In Another Life I thought readers may like to see some images of the places which have, over the years made me feel so melancholy and sad. Merely looking at these photos is enough to generate those feelings of gloom and doom.

Perhaps these were the places frequented by two young men in the early days of the last century; where they grew up and played together as children. And later when they fell in love, perhaps they met at some of these places for secret lovers trysts. Not the church of course but the brooding castle ruins where the only witnesses were the ghosts of the past, the only sound the plaintive cry of the seagulls wheeling over head and the distant muffled roar of the North Sea swelling, ebbing and flowing far below.

Maybe now, they too have joined those ranks of ghosts from the past. And if you care to walk there at twilight, that magical time when the spiritual world can be seen oh so fleetingly by mortal eyes, you may, if you’re very quiet and still, witness something unimaginably beautiful. Two young men,their feet barely skimming the ground, run towards each other, and meeting they embrace. And so closely do they hold each other that, melded thus, they appear almost as one. They kiss so tenderly, their faces radiant with the joy of reunion and love and forgiveness.

Then, just before the twilight is swallowed up by full dark, the lovers end their embrace and hand in hand they wander slowly towards the cliff edge, where, after one last gentle kiss and amidst the swirl and chill of an approaching sea fret, they disappear; and all that can be heard in the ensuing silence is the sobbing of the gulls and the distant roar of the sea.


St Mary’s Today.

Looking out to the South Bay

Interior of St Mary’s

Old Scarborough

North Bay Scarborough


Castle Moat

Night Time at Scarborough


Castle Keep Shrouded in Sea Mist


Trysting Place?

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