Lucky Seven Meme.

20120405-144705.jpg Here are the seven lines from page seven of my WIP ‘Defying Leviticus’. The rule is that you go to page 7 or 77 of your current WIP and go to line seven of that page and copy down the next seven lines/sentences. You are supposed to then tag seven authors to do the same. I won’t, but if you want to have a go please do.

So, here are my sentences……..

Don’t look so downcast, Will’, he said with a smile, ‘ you’ll do hanging on for now, but we will have to see to that in due course as I like to ride as often as possible and you will need to be with me just as often.
Getting up from his chair, Edward stretched and smothered a yawn. ‘Now you must go to your bed, and I shall see you at the stables directly after breakfast, yes?’
Will moved towards the door, but not before Edward had laid a hand upon his shoulder and, smiling down at him from his superior height said, ”Till morning then, William Audley ,I bid you goodnight’.
‘You also Edward’ Will answered, ‘and thank you’. And he almost floated from the chamber like a man in a dream.

So that’s my 7 lines from page seven.


3 thoughts on “Lucky Seven Meme.

  1. jessielansdel Post author

    Thanks matey. Poor Will isn’t such a good rider as Ned who is a fearless and sometimes reckless rider. šŸ™‚ So that’s why Will ‘will do hanging on for now’.

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