Revolving Doors.

My prompt to author, Charlie Cochrane was ‘Mishap with a revolving door.
Charlie is the author of The Cambridge Fellows Mysteries (with Jonty & Orlando) This is what she came up with?

“What’s taking them so long?” George peered through the window one way and then the other.

“Apparently there’s a fire at the back of Selfridge’s. We’re low priority.” Rory put his phone back in his pocket and grinned. “And just when I was looking forward to some handsome firemen coming to my rescue.”

“Why can’t they just break the glass?”

“It’s antique and irreplaceable. Just like you.” Rory put his arm round his friend. “It’s survived the Blitz, suffragettes, student pranks. It shouldn’t be sacrificed for us.”

They’d survived much the same, too. Lovers for well over a century and all due to some freak of their DNA, or metabolism. Or something.

“What if we’re still here come evening?” George, who had the courage of a lion, looked anxious. “It’s a fine day and once the moon’s up…”

“There’s seven hours to moonrise. If it gets that close, I’ll pretend to have a fit and smash the bloody things myself. They couldn’t blame a man in a medical emergency.” Rory looked out onto the road. “I just hope the press don’t turn up. I can see the headlines now. ‘Oh dear, what can the matter be? Two old werewolves stuck in a revolving door’.”

“That doesn’t rhyme,” George said, laughing despite their plight.

“Well, it’s the tabloids, not Marcel Proust.”

“And what are we to do with ourselves until your oiled hunks from the firemen’s calendar arrive?”

“Not that, Georgie boy. I refuse to be the floor show.” Rory sniffed. “Now, could our rescuers not use their baby oil to ease the wooden joints?”

“The door’s?” George grinned. “Or yours?”

By Charlie Cochrane.

From Josephine Myles’ blog. M/M Romance with Lashings of English Sauce. here


2 thoughts on “Revolving Doors.

  1. jessielansdel Post author

    Isn’t it though. Lol. Charlie had asked people to send in prompts for limericks and flash fics and mine was mishaps with revolving doors. The characters are from her story ‘Wolves of the West’.

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