The Best Laid Schemes of Mice & Men…….

Gang aft agley, so Burns tells us. Or, in my case they are well and truly scuppered by noisy neighbours, insanity and winter viruses.
My plans, which youve no doubt guessed, have very definitely Gang agley, all thanks in part to the above.
The noisy neighbours (students) had a New Years Eve party which was ok up to a point. But after twelve solid hours of listening to rap, trance, dance, all with a very resonant bass line and played at a volume which caused the Walls to pulsate, I was in no mood to be reasonable any more. At 7am I asked (yelled) at them to please turn it down. They listened……..then turned it UP. I went completely tonto and Im afraid I did the only thing I could think of, and in best Who Wants to be a Millionaire? tradition, I phoned a friend!!! At 7:30am. On new years day. Er, not the best idea Ive ever had. She didnt think so either! (sorry Cath) *hangs head in shame*

So that had the effect of lowering my mood for a day or two. But the little darlings next door then cleared off again. A bit like a whirlwind that causes chaos and then sweeps away leaving a trail of damage in its wake, so leaving me in peace. Until they return next week. Watch this space.

Then, the ubiquitous winter virus struck, and that, let me tell you, was bloody ghastly. Headache, sickness, weakness, I thought I was a goner. And these things strike so suddenly. One minute Im eating my brekkers, the next Im hanging over the loo. And why…oh why do you emalways/em call for your mum when you are being sick? Ill tell you now, if emmy/em mum had turned up, the trouble would have been, er, from the other end. Shes been dead these six years. Lol. But, I am sure she peers over my shoulder when Im researching stuff for my writing projects. I can almost hear the tuts of disapproval. And the question, why on Earth do you want to write emthat/em sort of thing?. Its not normal. Yes, thank you mother, now bog off back to your own sphere and let me get on with it.

Then of course there was the very windy weather weve had recently. Which had its own effect on my routine, or lack of it. I had written a short story for Twelfth Night, obviously with a Twelfth Night theme. So of course I wanted to post it to my blog on the relevant night. Well, as my dear old mum used to say (were back to her again ) Theres many a slip twixt cup and lip. Yes, and I bet mum had a hand in this particular slip. Because of the strong winds, the mobile signal must have been affected, so no Internet connection for me that night. Sigh! So the watching world (my eight followers bless em) was deprived of something fabulous and unique in the world of M/M romance. Hmm, ok, moving swiftly on. So all in all, its not been the best time to try and follow a schedule. But I am doing my best folks, really. I am getting up when alarm goes off. (lovely little tune called, Wide Ocean or something) and endeavouring to get some writing done.
Added to that, the nights are drawing out, albeit slowly, spring is on the way, the Robin is singing in the early hours, and my mood is good. (fingers crossed) So its all looking hunky dory at the moment.

Now, just watch God sling a heavenly banana peel in my path for being so smug!


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