Long time no post

It’s been so long since I posted on my blog that I had almost forgotten how to use the site. But after a prolonged ‘rest’ here I am back again and I’m very happy to say I am raring to go.

In the weeks (gosh I nearly said months we wish!) leading up to Xmas I am going to be quite busy with different projects. I’ve a deadline looming for a Xmas piece for the Speak It’s Name annual Advent Calendar. I am writing a little Xmas story obviously with a M/M theme but it will be nice, and romantic I promise.

My WIP has in the last few weeks ground to a halt I’m sorry to say. What with ‘the blues’ and my ancient lap top having, not a virus but the black death, all the little icons have disappeared and my desk top photo of the gorgeous Kris Holden Reid. Hmm, could things get any worse? Well yes, they could. My 50,000 words could disappear into the ether. Ugh! God forbid.

But now thankfully my fingers are itching to go again hence this blog posting. But, I won’t overdo it so that’s all for now. But I promise you, as Arnie would say, I’ll be back.


I welcome all comments. Thank you for visiting.

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