Hub of my world.

Just thought I would let who ever is reading this see where I do my writing. It is a table in my sitting room where sits my laptop, printer and books.
On top of the printer is a little statue of Henry VIII in full combat armour and the sword he is holding doubles as a letter opener. (Thank you, your majesty) Mostly bills I might add! Lol. Attached to the back of the book case is a portrait of Antony Woodville who is a hero of mine. Poor man, executed by a paranoid Richard III after the Stony Stratford incident.

That episode in history provided the back ground for a story which I wrote for my sister, Jill. Entitled ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ it tells of two sisters, one a history buff and the other who is not much interested in history. During a brief visit to Pontefract Castle, the scene of Antony’s execution, the uninterested sister witnesses a playback of the death of Antony and her history loving sister researches the castle and those who died there and realises who her sister had seen in his final moments. Antony.

Writing that story was a labour of love and I even included illustrations in it. Also included were little ‘in jokes’ between me and Jill and she loved it. It was loosely based on us and it gave her a giggle.

Now I must leave you and away to my bed.

Till next time


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