Organised, Me?

Well, no I’m not most of the time. But as a beginner writer I am starting to see the advantages of being so.
For example, it’s always a good idea to have a copy of what you are writing, be it a draft of a novel/book, or your latest blog.
One day last week I had spent most of the morning writing an entry for my blog. I was pleased with it and after a cursory glance through it and tweaking it here and there, I pressed the little red button to publish…..and pressed ……..and pressed again. Nothing. After about five minutes in which my presses were becoming increasingly violent, to the extent that I nearly drilled a hole in my iPad, I gave up. Refreshed the page and my masterpiece had vanished into the ether.
Oh the agony of losing what I considered to be a work of genius. (!) I sat and sobbed with frustration and anger.

Who can I turn too? Who will understand? Ah! My niece Heather. So quick phone call to her and after explaining what had happened we both tried every thing we could to get the item back. Alas! It was very definitely no more.
So back to the drawing board (key board) and wrote it again. But I did not think it was as good as the first one. It did publish this time however. But the nuisance is I cannot back anything up on my sparkling new iPad….yet. But next time I will make a copy onto my laptop so the world will never again lose something unique!!! :-))

But all this brings me back to being organised. With my own work in progress I have copies on a memory stick, my laptop and a good old floppy disc. You can’t mess about with 50,000 words. I try to back up every time I close my work down but it is so easy to forget when your Muse is in attendance and you become engrossed in your epic.
I left my memory stick at my nieces house the other day, but even though I know I have copies it didn’t stop me breaking into a cold sweat. And I have read of so many authors and writers who have lost thousands of words and hours, days months and years of work to crashing computers, pressing the wrong key or even leaving manuscripts on public transport and never getting them back. Oh Lord it doesn’t bear thinking about.

So I try to be as organised as my scatter brained nature will allow and hope that one day it will pay off and I will get my book published. Ho hum.
Now, however I must return to 16th century England, Edward and Will and see if I can bash out another thousand or so words. And back up when finished.

As for my ‘left behind’ memory stick, well it’s in very good hands but…..I hope one curious niece does not risk a peek at my WIP (work in progress) because as we all know, and as Ernest Hemmingway said, “The first draft of anything is s…) fill in the blanks.
Till next time


2 thoughts on “Organised, Me?

  1. zen and the art of borderline maintenance

    “You can’t mess about with 50,000 words.” ~ No, you cannot! This is why I email myself every single post, plus back it up to Dropbox and keep a local copy on my hard drive.

    “I try to back up every time I close my work down but it is so easy to forget when your Muse is in attendance and you become engrossed in your epic.” ~ Oh, that made me laugh. I so relate to this! I feel in outer space. I’m lucky I remember where the kitchen is while the Muse is visiting. I forget to eat, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

    Your blog is really great. 🙂

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