Whether the weather…..

I always try to use the weather effectively in my writing. To me it acts as a metaphor to whatever scene I am writing at the time.
For example, in my short story entitled ‘Ned & Will, A love story’ Ned is in the Tower of London awaiting execution for heresy. His valet and friend Will is on the brink of telling Ned of his love for him and is grief stricken that they have so little time left together. As Will stands looking out of the window crying silently, Ned joins him there;

“Getting up I join him by the window, and though dusk has not yet yielded fully to the night, black clouds are gathering in the west and, even as I watch, a flicker of blue flame lights them from within followed by a distant roll of thunder”.

So, as the dramatic moment begins to unfold, the storm clouds begin to gather but the thunder is as yet distant, and the storm like the drama, has not yet reached it’s height.
But when in a moment of despair Will declares his love for Ned, the storm becomes much more violent and the fury outside reflects the drama which is unfolding between the two men. Will then tells Ned that he wants them to lie together and share one night of passion before it is too late. Ned says;

“Barely have the words left his mouth when above us there is a deafening crack of thunder, and as it rolls across the sky the heavens open in a furious torrent, and beyond the open casement rain lashes the Tower and the city beyond as lightning rents the sky with a fierce blue intensity”.

And later when the two have made love, the storm slowly begins to abate, again reflecting the scene inside Ned’s prison which is one of peace and calm as the lovers sleep contentedly in each others arms.
So, we can see that the weather can reflect what is happening in your story.
And the writers block which has plagued me for the last few days has been effectively blown away by the very windy and stormy weather most of us have experienced lately. I had reached a point which I was finding hard to go beyond, but thanks to Mother Nature I found inspiration in the stormy weather. My heroes too have reached a dramatic point in their tragic story and as the weather outside rages, so too do my boys. It has to be said that I love rough and extreme weather, and I am known for my love of thunder storms. This is reflected in my writing and I get such a kick out of that aspect of writing. But I have to restrain myself from having it thundering in every chapter. Well, it’s still a bit windy so I had better get back to the laptop before we descend back into calm and peaceful again. Until next time.


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