New Writer, New Blog.

Hi everyone and welcome to Defying Leviticus. This is my first ever attempt at blogging so please bear with me.
I am a writer, and even though I am as yet unpublished,I love to write and I have been penning short stories, poems and all sorts of bits and pieces for family and friends for many years so I think that I can reasonably call myself a writer.
At the moment I am working on the first draft of a novel, set in 16th century Essex it is a love story with a difference as my genre of choice is Gay historical romance. Not a widely known genre I know but it is becoming more popular and rightly so as there is much to be said for two men falling in love when the cards are so stacked against them, and society was so much more intolerant than we are today. Indeed it could mean loss of life to many same sex lovers, especially men.
However, I am about half way through my book and I have reached that stage which many authors new and experienced get to, running out of steam. At the start of my book ideas were coming thick and fast and the characters were taking on a life of their own. Indeed, many characters were popping up which I had not planned for. But how interesting it was to see how they developed. But…into chapter ten and my ‘boys’ are facing a terrible dilemma. Someone knows their secret but I am stuck on taking the story forward from here.
Is this a major case of writers block or should I review some of the plot line?
Any comments would be welcome from any new writers in a similar situation.
Meanwhile, back to the lap top, copious amounts of coffee and roll ups….
Till next time. G.


Joe Van Moyland & Kris Holden Reid in a scene from The Tudors TV Series.

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